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Job Description

If you are looking for the excitement of creating and building a new business, if the challenges of a start-up do not deter you if you are self-motivated, passionate, and have the right mix of aggression and integrity, we are looking for you.



  • Good knowledge of Git
  • Understanding of Computer Science
  • Understanding of software development life cycle
  • Strong knowledge of different architectural approaches
  • Experience with GoF patterns
  • Knowledge of SQL
  • Strong knowledge of networking
  • Experience in programming languages for mobile development Kotlin or Swift
  • Knowledge of Dart programming language,
  • Understanding of Flutter framework
  • Flutter Developer faces problems during the development process. So, it s vital for a good developer to look at the issues objectively and solve them effectively.
  • Developers need to look at things from a different perspective and come up with new unobvious solutions.
  • Flutter developers work on projects with a bunch of other specialists like designers, project managers, and quality assurance specialists.
  • Developers work as a team, so they need to communicate with each other quite effectively. During the development, software developers brainstorm new ideas and discover the best solutions.


Experience:  1 Year

About the Company

  • Company Name: Recruitment Specialist ~ Nikisha Jaiswal
  • About the company: This is Nikisha working with Zigsaw as a Recruitment Specialist. For any query, feel free to reach me on Call and Whatsapp at 6377208281 and E-mail your resume at

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