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Manager / Asst. Manager Social Media Marketing (haique quartz)

Job Description

Roles & Responsibilities for Social Media Optimization:

1. Set and implement social media and communication campaigns to align with marketing strategies to maintain brand consistency. 

2. Build and nurture social media platform-specific communities and audiences

3. Provide engaging text, image and video content for social media accounts

4. Manage and create marketing content to socialize and use for social media purposes (e.g., customer videos briefs, customer case studies, blog posts, posts from analysts and customers)

5. Respond to comments and customer queries in a timely manner

6. Monitor and evaluate social media results on a daily basis in coordination with company goals and benchmarks

7. Organize and participate in events to build community and boost brand awareness

8. Coordinate with Marketing, PR and Communications teams to ensure brand consistency

9. Liaise with Development and Sales departments to stay updated on new products and features

10. Build relationships with customers, potential customers, industry professionals and journalists

11. Support SEO strategies by understanding keyword priorities and how they integrate into content marketing plans

12. Communication to team and management on project development, timelines, and results

13. Stay up-to-date with digital technology trends

Roles & Responsibilities for Search Engine Optimization:
1. Know all the two levels of optimization on-page optimization and Off-page optimization.

2. Analyse clients goal and designing marketing plan that works best.

3. Work within the budget allotted by client for marketing campaign and other purchase.

4. Protect the personal information provided by the client.

5. Decide on best domain name, Titles, Headings and sub-headings.

6. Use effective search engine keywords in relevant places within website.

7. Make changes in design, content and links as per requirements.

8. Using strategies that increase in-bound traffic.

9. Achieve position in the first page of popular search engines.

10. Being up-to-date with the latest SEO news and methods such as Googles Algorithm.

11. Take part in online forums and SEO communities to interact with SEO leader.

12. Add blog pages if required a


Required Candidate profile



  • 3-5 years successful experience of social media management and executing SEO campaigns
  • Bachelor's or Masters degree in business, marketing, public relations or related field
  • Professional certification in Google Analytics strongly preferred (Optional)
  • Proficient using multi-social posting programs such as Hootsuite and HubSpot
  • Strong computer skills using Microsoft Office and Adobe Suites
  • Strong knowledge of search engine algorithms, internet ranking for web content and data mining tools
  • Rich experience with SEO & SMO industry programs, such as Google Analytics or Adobe Analytics
  • Able to complete competitive analysis of other companies within the industry
  • In-depth familiarity with WordPress or other content management systems & web design and publishing
  • Excellent knowledge of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+ and other social media best practices
  • Familiarity with
  • Relevant experience determining a target audience and how to cater unique marketing campaigns to capture their attention
  • Strong understanding of marketing strategy and how to effortlessly utilize these concepts throughout various forms of outreach
  • Experience with other aspects of marketing, such as customer growth and promotion, is a plus
  • Excellent multitasking skills
  • Great leadership skills
  • Critical & Out of the Box thinker and problem-solving skills
  • Team player
  • Good time-management skills
  • Great interpersonal, presentation and communication skills

Interested applicants who are ready to join on short notice period may share their updated resumes on e-mail: shortlisted candidates would be contacted.

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Manager / Asst. Manager Social Media Marketing (haique quartz) Jobs in Udaipur