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Logistics Manager (Furniture Manufacturing Industry)

Job Description

Responsibilities for Logistics Manager
 Manage/supervise inventory as well as warehouse, transportation, and other logistics processes.
 Coordinating drivers, vehicles, loads and journeys.
 Operating IT systems to manage timings, costs and stock levels.
 Analysing data to assess performance, discover logistical problems and devise plans for
 Preparing paperwork for regulatory bodies.
 Planning & Operations, Cost Reduction, Tpt. Management, Team Management..
 Research ideal shipping/transportation techniques, routing, and carriers.
 Clearance of bills, Payment to the transporter within the normal time limit.
 Ensure all operations adhere to laws, guidelines, and ISO requirements.
 Work with other departments to incorporate logistics with company procedures and operations.
 Manage with RTO, DTO, POLICE against accident matter as well as overloading matter, border /
interstate sales tax issues during sales gate crossing by that vehicle
 Working knowledge of logistics and inventory software
 Create, manage and evaluate budgets and expenditures.
 Making MIS report for high management through an Excel sheet as per norms.

 Bachelor's degree in supply chain management, operations, logistics, business administration,
transportation, or engineering. (Preferred)

Experience: 5+ years of experience working in logistics, warehouse, or transportation operations.


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Logistics Manager (Furniture Manufacturing Industry) Jobs in Udaipur