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loom supervisors

Job Description

Job description


1. Assign daily work production plan to loom operators & helpers as per production requirement on different looms.

2. Ensure availability of tapes on looms as required.

3. Keep checking proper utilization of bobbin and ensure shifting of empty bobbins back to tape plant.

4. Record reading on every 2 hrs basis to calculate production with respect to speed PPM and also keep record of loom stock.

5. Provide stock of running tapes & its fabric quantity on looms to Accounts Department.

6. Prepare Daily Production Report and share it with HOD.

7. Check and maintain size & quality of running fabric on looms.

8. Regularly check marking tape and sealing.

9. Manage change over and draw on completion of work order as per purchase order.

10. Enter production data in ERP.

11. Record readings of roll cutting on complete of roll and label with sticker with required weight and other details.

12. Attend Loom breakdown to provide necessary maintenance for minimize breakdown time.

13. Regularly look after for housekeeping of Tape Plant and Bobbin Storage area.

14. Resolves issues & queries of all the contract workers in tape plant.



Education :
B.Tech/B.E. in Electrical, Mechanical, Diploma in Mechanical, Electrical
Experience : 1 - 3 years

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