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Job Description


  • BS/MS degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, IT, BCA, MCA
  • In-depth knowledge of object-oriented PHP and Laravel concepts like Events - Listeners, Observers, Repositories, Mailable, Queue Jobs, Eloquent ORM features, Migrations, Seeders, third party integrations, etc..
  • REST API development experience for mobile and web apps
  • Hands-on experience with MYSQL schema design, Concepts like indexing, foreign key, Joins, Normalizations
  • MySQL profiling and query optimization
  • Creative and efficient problem solver
  • Automated testing using PHPUnit (Optional)


Previous working experience as a Laravel developer for 2-3 years

About the Company

  • Company Name: Recruitment Specialist ~ Nikita Sharma
  • About the company: This is Nikita working with Zigsaw as a Recruitment Specialist. For any query, feel free to reach me on Phone/WhatsApp: 8000876115 e-mail at

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