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Work Profile & Employer Mobile Application Developer by Confidential
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Job Description I have an opportunity that I would like to discuss with you if you would be open to considering such a role. Whats on offer?
1. Work in a product company where you would be responsible for concept and execution. Hence, growth in terms of the work responsibility. If you are lucky, you get to hire your own team 6 months from now.
2. Fancy being a part of a small team? To be a part of an exponential growth story? To be able to tell people how you built this company from a 1 room company to a multimillion company?
3. We are a closed knit family and we do not work like we are colleagues. We work like we are a family.
4. We offer independence to individuals to execute their ideas and give them the freedom to work.
5. More perks !! We can discuss.

We are looking for someone who can steerhead our Mobile Application Development
Salary offered upto 40000 Rs./month
Job location Udaipur
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