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Job Description

Notice period : 30 days   

  • Scripting with PowerShell (Not mandatory), Bash, Groovy, or
  • Ability to integrate/migrate disparate source control systems
    (e.g., GitHub, Azure Repos). Emphasis on knowledge of Git across various
  • Ability to design and implement Infrastructure as Code (ARM,
    Terraform, PowerShell, CLI) for Microsoft Azure
  • Design deployment pipelines to ensure reliable order of dependency
  • Select and implement desired state solution(s) for a deployment
    environment (PowerShell DSC, Chef, Puppet, etc.)     
  • Implement branch/merge strategies (e.g., branch policies, branch
    protections, manual, etc.)
  • Configure and integrate cloud services with monitoring tools
    (Azure Monitor Application Insights)     
  • Integrate release pipelines with work item tracking (e.g., AZ
    DevOps, Jira)      
  • Integrate the build pipeline with external tools (e.g., Dependency
    and security scanning, Code coverage)      
  • Recommend package management tools (e.g., GitHub Packages, Azure
    Artifacts, Azure Automation Runbooks Gallery,   Nuget, JFrog, Artifactory)      
  • Design and implement build agent infrastructure (include cost,
    tool selection, licenses, maintainability)   
  • Implement alerts using appropriate strategies    
  • Monitor build and deployment pipeline health (failure rate,
    duration, flaky tests)    
  • Analyze system dependencies to determine monitoring requirements     
  • Design identity and access management solutions and features
    (Azure AD Privileged Identity Management (PIM), Azure AD Conditional
    Access, MFA)      
  • Design a secrets storage and retrieval strategy (Key Vault
    secrets, GitHub secrets, Azure Pipelines secrets)    
  • Design a source code compliance solution (e.g., GitHub Code
    scanning, GitHub Secret scanning, pipeline-based scans, Git hooks,
    SonarQube, Dependabot, etc.)     
  • Implement Azure policies to enforce organizational requirements     
  • Imp


About the Company

  • Company Name: Recruitment Specialist ~ Lekhika Mathur
  • About the company: This is Lekhika working with Zigsaw as a Recruitment Specialist. For any query, feel free to reach me on Call and Whatsapp at 9509623307 and E-mail your resume at

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