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Job Description

Job Responsibilities: 

1. Managing entire DC operations.

2. Handling supervisors and Delivery boys.

3. Responsible for DC running as per company laid down SOPs.

4. Monitoring delivery routes, daily briefing to FEs and addressing their day to day issues.

5. Administrative Incharge of DC and responsible for sharing attendance, DC Opening and Closing Time Monitoring, Marking of attendance and sharing the same with HR as also other day to day administrative work.

6. Supervise associate wise productivity.

7. Monitoring of preparation and proper maintenance of all registers such as inbound register, outbound register, gate pass register, KVP, COD Register, meter reading register etc.

8. Responsible for Cash Tally and SAIL Tally to maintain basic hygiene of operations.

9. Verifying and approving petty cash expenses, Fuel vouchers of the Fes

10. Timely closure of pending shipments & TAT compliance

11. Timely and accurate amount deposit of daily COD cases in the Bank and maintain Bank Receipt.

12. Ensuring attempt on all shipments that arrive/allocated to a DC


Job Summary

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