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Remote Blockchain Developer

Job Description

Job description


Due to occasional increase in applications our primary contact method is WhatsApp. Please make sure your primary contact on the Naukri profile is also your WhatsApp contact information. If you are unable to make that change please email us your resume and WhatsApp contact information at Thank you


We are looking for a Blockchain Developer. You should have prior knowledge of writing smart contracts, understanding of how ETH and different types of crypto-tokens work including the DeFi network (decentralized finance). Your primary responsibility will be to write smart contracts and associated work using Web3.js for different Ethereum based projects.


  • Understand client requirements of building Ethereum, Bitcoin, Tron, or others.
  • Write smart contracts with a strong focus on security aspects
  • Create token.
  • Write unit test cases for the smart contracts to ensure code coverage.
  • Research for best practices from the open-source community around Ethereum
  • Brainstorm and help evaluate applications for new tools and technologies as they continually evolve
  • Work on implementing and integrating the latest EIP improvement proposals
  • Learn & explore more blockchain platforms like TRON, EOS, Stellar and Hyperledger
  • Development on Ethereum, Tron or other platform-based decentralized games will be added advantage.


  • Must have experience and knowledge of writing Solidity-based smart contracts for Ethereum Blockchain.
  • Must have experience and knowledge of writing Solidity-based smart contracts for TRON Blockchain.
  • Should have knowledge on DAPP.
  • Experience in development tools for Ethereum & Tron (testrpc, ganache, geth, Web3, Truffle, MetaMask, eth_lightwallet, Trust Wallet etc.)
  • Knowledge of Defi, STOs, ICOs, Wallets, Exchanges, and Tokens in Ethereum will be an added advantage
  • Understanding of fundamental design principles for building a scalable application including gas optimizations on Ethereum.
  • Proficiency in one of the following languages such as Java, Node.js, Python, Javascript including an understanding of developm


Experience : 2 - 7 years

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