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About the job;-
A Python Developer who specializes in developing applications using the Python language,
must be proficient in the Python programming, have a strong understanding of software
development principles, and be able to work collaboratively within a team.
Open to work on a variety of projects, including web development, data science, and

 Design, develop, and maintain software applications using Python libraries and
 Writing reusable, testable, and efficient code in Python.
 Developing server-side applications and APIs using frameworks like FastAPi, Django or
 Creating data processing and analysis tools using libraries like NumPy, Pandas, or
 Collaborating with other developers, data scientists, and stakeholders to ensure project
goals are met.
 Testing and debugging code to ensure high-quality applications.
 Staying up-to-date with the latest Python libraries, frameworks, and technologies.

 Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering or a related field
 Minimum of 1+ years of experience in full stack development,
 Strong knowledge of full stack development methodologies, tools, and technologies
 Strong communication and interpersonal skills
 Ability to work in a fast-paced and dynamic environment
 Strong analytical and problem-solving skills


About the Company

  • Company Name: Recruitment Specialist ~ Monikangkana Goswami
  • About the company: This is Monikangkana Goswami working with Zigsaw as a Recruitment Specialist. I specialise in recruitment for Python and Cloud roles roles at Zigsaw. If you are looking for Jobs in the above domain OR for any query related to the above Job, kindly reach to me on Call and WhatsApp at 9101552193 OR E-mail your resume at

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