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Program Coordinator – Social Service Department

Job Description

Major Roles & Responsibilities:
Admissions and Parent Orientation:
• Identify communities for student enrollment as per the poverty and eligibility criteria of Christel
House India.
• Create an admission recruitment plan and reach out to parents of eligible students within these
• Complete all registration formalities for the new student applicants including home visits for
verification of aspects linked to the poverty and eligibility criteria.
• Coordinate with the school counsellor to complete the initial screening processes at school.
• Work with the admission committee to shortlist potential student candidates and continue with
Christel House processes to select the final list of students.
• Complete other formalities linked to admissions including document collection and verification.
• Create student admission file for every student along with the required signed documentation from
• Conduct a parent orientation program to inform parents about the vision, mission, programs &
services offered, rules & regulations of the school, expectations from parents and other details.
• Maintain / update all necessary documentation including in the school MIS software as well as hard
copies, as required.


• Prepare a route list for students and staff which includes the pick-up / drop points and timings and
communicate the same to parents and staff accordingly.
• Hire school transport and tie up with government transport [BMTC buses] if required and
coordinate with the relevant bus depots.
• Recruit drivers and bus attenders based on the transportation requirements of the school.
• Ensure bus attendance is taken by the conductor / bus attender daily.
• Handle any other travel arrangements as required by the school.

Student Health Program:

• Plan and implement a student health program for students including deworming, de-lousing, giving
medical supplements etc.
• Plan and facilitate student immunization program according to WHO guidelines.

• Facilitate an annual / half yearly general health screening and manage logistical aspects for the
• Monitor the documentation of health records of students and ensure they are updated periodically
by the in-house school nurse.
• Ensure the availability and administration of first aid and emergency medicines at school in
coordination with the school nurse.
• In case of major issues consult with the nurse & academic leaders and refer students to hospitals
for further diagnosis and treatment.
• Facilitate general health awareness programs for students on a periodic basis which can be
conducted by the school nurse or through external resource people / agencies.
Parent Program and Community Outreach:
• Monitor and follow up on the parent volunteer program at school and ensure that the required
number of parents are present daily.
• Plan and implement various awareness and development programs for parents at school.
• Plan and facilitate public health awareness programs in the community that the students come
• Network & partner with NGOs in the community for promoting community developmental

Student Attendance & Parental Intervention:

• Check daily attendance marked by teachers on the school management system and contact all
absentee student’s parents and take follow up action.
• Facilitate meetings between parents and the academic team and take follow up action as required.
• Conduct home visits in case of severe issues such as long absenteeism, safety concerns etc.
Government related work :
• Work closely with the Nodal, BEO Office, and DEO office for required permissions, affiliation
renewals etc.
• Prepare indents and procure state level textbooks from the government.
Additional roles and responsibilities:
• Coordinate community visits for donors, visitors, school staff etc. as and when required.
• Support with implementation of student service-learning programs when it involves the community.
• Maintain school student register with updated information of all students.
• Perform any other tasks assigned by the supervisor as and when required.


Qualifications / Requirements:

• Master’s degree in social work (MSW) with an experience of minimum of 5 years
• Proficient in speaking the local language and other regional languages
• Geographical knowledge of areas around the school campus and in the city
• Basic computer knowledge and skills including working on Microsoft excel and word
• Passionate and committed to working with students and parents from under resourced communities

Job Summary

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