Back Office Manager Jobs in Udaipur

Back Office Manager Jobs in Udaipur

Work Profile & Employer Back Office Manager by Manufacturer of PVC materials.
About Employer A reputed manufacturer of PVC materials in Udaipur. To apply or for any queries, contact HR Manager, Ms. Kanika at 7073838543
Job Description * Responsibilities:
- Order management
1. Issue production planning for the production department based on orders given by the marketing department
2. Order delivery scheduling in coordination with production department
3. Managing and organizing logistics for the domestic market sales
4. Managing dispatch in coordination with logistics department
- Customer engagement – regular client support
- Manage payment & orders
- Coordination between the management, marketing, production & logistics department for efficient and timely order delivery
- Data management & reporting

* Skills:
- Good communication, organizational & coordination skills
- Quick learner
- System driven
- Multitasking and flexible
- Research skills
- Customer development & engagement
- Good negotiation skills
- Go-getter & proactive
- Advance excel is a must

* Experience: Minimum 5 years of experience
Salary offered upto 18000 Rs./month
Job location Udaipur
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