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Work Profile & Employer Marketing Manager (Sr. Level) by Vaibhav Chouhan
About Employer Hi, I am a freelance recruiter helping companies reach their recruitment goals. If you have any queries, feel free to reach out to me at 9887890909 or email me at jobsinudaipur.zigsaw@gmail.com
Job Description We are looking for a candidate who is Graduate (Technical- commercial) & MBA in marketing and has 10-15 years of experience. Candidate should be comfortable with travelling(world) , having good knowledge of production , quality norms, production cycle of knitted fabric( Hozary), & in-depth knowledge of market. The selected candidate would be working with circular knitted fabric (hozary) department
Salary offered upto 100000Rs. /month
Job location Bhilwara
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Zigsaw|Revolutionizing Recruitment
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