Become a superstar recruiter with OTG

Do you recruit people? Here’s the value OTG brings to your recruitment processes

  1. Saves you money: Let us say you conduct 10 interviews a day. With OTG, a process that took 240 minutes of your time daily will only take 30 minutes of your time. It saves you 5250 minutes per month and 63000 minutes of time saved per year which is equivalent to 1050 manhours saved/ year per recruiter. Assuming OTG is leveraged by 2 recruiters per company, it saves you 2100 hours/year. Now, translate that to the financial saving it can bring to your organization.
  2. It improves efficiency. Let’s face it, pre-screening candidates are boring & it takes most of the energy out of your everyday. How about we take out this boring work from your work life. Wouldn’t that be awesome?
  3. Due to the hectic schedules we have in recruitment, even the best of us miss out on some candidates. It might be due to some CV that was shared on email or a cold call from a Jobseeker we received a month back. Now, keep all your database at 1 place & never miss out on candidates. Also, multiple recruiters can manage their data centrally. With OTG, never miss out on any Jobseeker
  4. Saves you the hassle of coordinating with potential aspirants. Automated interviews can be given at any time of the day(by Job seekers) which get reflected in real-time in employers dashboard. Moreover, these interviews can be evaluated anytime from anywhere by the recruitment manager. Just plug in your earphones to your mobile/desktop/laptop & start hiring.
  5. Unlimited access to OTG is available at just Rs. 500 per month.

OTG Demo

  • If you are an employer, follow the below instructions
    • Post your Job on Here’s a 2-minute guide:
    • Visit where you will find the Jobs posted by you. Click on the Job for which you would Job-seekers to give OTG.
    • Check the URL. It would be something like where X would be a unique Job code for this Job.
  • Give the following instructions to Job-seekers
    • Call 6377208285
    • Ask Job-seekers to press the Job code(X) obtained above followed by # (Example: 12#)
    • Ask Job seekers to explain their candidature for the current role.
  • Now, all Job-seeker audios would be available under the Job Audios tab in employer Dashboard
  • Start listening to Job audios and make your recruitment processes 800% more efficient.


  • How many candidates can call on this number?
    Multiple candidates can call at a single time
  • And what are the charges?
    Currently, we are offering the basic version for FREE to employers who post their Jobs at Zigsaw
  • Can we provide custom questions to Job seekers when they call?
    Yes,  you can configure different questions for every Job opening
  • Can we randomize questions so that everyone who calls gets a surprise/new question?
    Yes,  we can throw random questions to every aspirant who calls.  These questions would be chosen from a larger set of questions we allot to each Job opening.
  • Can it be a part of the recruitment process or it necessarily need to be an independent solution?
    We can configure your dashboard to only see the audios of the individuals you have shortlisted. This would ensure that you only have to go through the audios of the profiles you have shortlisted. Hence, OTG can be used as a part of the recruitment process as well.
  •  Is the solution customizable?
    Totally,  just tell us your recruitment needs and we will be happy to help you
  • If you have any queries, feel free to reach out to us at 9887890909(call/WhatsApp) or email us at or simply use the chat feature on the bottom right of the page. 

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