Diwali bonanza for you

Hope you had a wonderful Diwali. Here’s our small Diwali gift for you

  1. Posting Jobs on www.zigsaw.in is FREE. Here’s a 2 minute “how to” guide to post Jobs: https://youtu.be/Pf7As1PgEr0
  2. We will give a FREE 3 month subscription of OTG if you post your first Job on www.zigsaw.in latest by 31st October. Here’s how OTG can add value to your organization.
  3. When you post your first Job on www.zigsaw.in, we will promote it for Rs. 100 on Facebook for FREE. Our paid marketing experts will understand your requirement and promote your Job to a carefully targeted niche of Job-seekers.
  4. When you share your Job opening in our facebook groups (here’s the list) , we will credit your www.zigsaw.in account with Rs. 100. You can use this balance to keep an active referral incentive for your Job and here’s how it would benefit you
    • When you put up an active referral incentive for the Job, it pushes your Job to the top for the next 30 days. This would improve your visibility amongst the 1000’s of Job seekers who visit us on regular basis.
    • Keeping an active referral incentive for your Job would drive people to start referring their friends for the available Job. This would improve your chances of closing the position manifold.

Not sure, why you should post your requirements at www.zigsaw.in. Here’s the why coming in the form of some numbers from Udaipur

  1. India has a population of ~1.4B. X is the biggest player of recruitment in India. It has ~ 265K unique visitors everyday (source:www.sitenetworth.com). This means 1 person out of every 5303, uses X to search Jobs. Lets look at a small city in the south of Rajasthan, Udaipur. The population of Udaipur is ~ 4.5 Lakhs. Last month, we had ~3k unique visitors from Udaipur. This means 1 person out of every 150 from Udaipur visited www.zigsaw.in Hence, it makes it 35 times more likely to find the right talent in Udaipur through us, than through X.
  2. Posting Job on www.zigsaw.in is FREE and posting Job on X takes 1650 Rs./post
  3. Our facebook group of Jobs in Udaipur had 12.5k active members in the last 28 days (source:Facebook Group insights)

Not only in Udaipur, but we would like to help employers/recruiters PAN India to meet their recruitment goals. Are you with us ? Lets do this together.

Lots of peace, love and happiness to you and every member of your family on the auspicious occassion of Diwali. May this Diwali be the start of years of happiness & prosperity for you. 

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