We understand that every client is different and understanding their expectations has been our biggest strength. Our team of young, dynamic professionals has successfully executed out-of-box strategies to deliver maximum value in the least time. Client satisfaction is of utmost importance to us and we would like to be a part of your success story.

Here are some glimpses of how employers have benefitted by partnering with us.

Case Study-1 (A reputed outsourcing company in Udaipur)

A well known KPO in Udaipur partnered with us for their hiring needs. We sourced talent for them. A month of induction into the system, we partnered with their HR team to find monitor performances of the hires that came through us. Resources provided by us were, on average performing 40% better than other resources. Conservatively assuming 1 year of tenure, we saved them 30% MOM on the resources hired through us.

Case Study-2 (A US-based healthcare product company)

This company with its development center in Udaipur was hiring for Developers. A module of their project was due delivery and they wanted an experienced resource with the rare skill-sets. They wanted to close the position latest by 1 month. They had partnered with well-known Job-boards and recruitment consultancies of Udaipur & outside to source relevant talent for them. However, when none of their existing solutions seemed to work, they came to Zigsaw for their hiring needs on Day 13. After a couple of scheduled interviews, we were able to successfully close the position on the 28th day.

Case Study-3 (A water plant with a core team from Switzerland)

An existing client of ours had an urgent requirement which they wanted to close ASAP. The position was of Head – Electrical & Mechanical maintenance. The position was super urgent and we were able to close the position on Day 3 of receiving the requirement.

Case Study-4 (An IT service company)

An IT product company from Udaipur was hiring for a Front End Developer. The management team had specifically mentioned that wanted Zigsaw to pre-screen the candidates before sending them. This company was very selective with the talent they hired. Our recruitment solutions team built an assignment with our client to pre-screen Job applications. Every Job-applicant was required to complete the assignment which our technical team rigorously evaluated & suggested feedback. We were able to close this position with the first & the only profile we shared with our client.

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