• Ramesh is a B-tech student from a private engineering college.
    • Surbhi works full-time in a digital marketing company. She is looking to switch but frankly, after a tiring day at office does not have the time or energy to actively look for Jobs
    • Sameer’s company laid off a lot of employees at once. Sameer and his collegues are actively looking for Job.
    • Tabassum had to leave her last Job due to a personal reason, she is willing to join back the industry.
    • Hitesh settled for a medicre salary because he did not know that another company at his preferred Job-location was willing to pay more for the skill sets he had.

So, here’s the “Never miss a relevant Job” plan for all The Rameshs, Surbhis, Sameers, Tabassums and Hiteshs. Our team of experts will hand-pick Jobs for you and send them to you directly on whatsapp. By subscribing to our “Never miss a relevant Job” feature, we will make sure that you never -ever miss out on a relevant opportunity.

Here are the details of the plan

      • A category is a combination of the skills & your preferred Job-location. You can choose a maximum of 3 categories under 1 plan. For example: PHP in Udaipur is a unique category and a Job-seekers can opt for 3 receive Job updates for different categories under 1 suscription. A user can also subscribe to multiple plans if he needs to.
      • This plan is available under 2 categories
        • Monthly Subscription: 100₹ pm
        • Yearly Subscription: 1000₹ per year
      • Payment: You can make the purchase via a in-dashboard purchase at or transfer the money via paytm (9099072249)

For any queries, reach us on call(9887890909) , email( or whatsapp (9887890909)

Hope you find your dream Job 🙂

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