Name of the Employer: VidSaga
About Employer: is disrupting the video creation industry in India with technology, transparency and innovation. It is an online marketplace for Organizations to hire video creators and manage their projects using online tools.
Profile: Digital Marketing
Job Details: Imagine a job where

Watching youtube video/ short films/ viral content is part of the job
Interacting with filmmakers/ artists/ models is part of the job
Discussing film stories/ brainstorming on scripts/ creating videos is part of the job

Qualification – Doesn’t matter

Experience – Doesn’t matter


Primary – Email marketing, Social media marketing, LinkedIn marketing, Account Management

Secondary – Market Research, Taking interviews of filmmakers and other technicians

Skills required – Startup attitude, Digital marketing, Content writing, Problem Solving, Hard working, Willing to learn multiple things at a fast pace

Why you should join:

It would give you a chance to learn how to grow a real business using digital marketing

If you are passionate about Video/ filmmaking/ digital marketing/ startups and want to work in a fast paced growing company

If you want to make a career in digital marketing

Where you could be in 3 to 5 years?

Heading our or similar successful startup’s Digital Marketing team or running your own startup

Why you should not join VidSaga:

If you are not ambitious enough and just looking for a government/ stable type of job to settle down in life.
If you think the salary is more important than learning
If you do not like to follow your dreams/ passion

Salary: INR 18000pm
Location: Udaipur
Apply here:

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