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Effect of Coronavirus on Jobs in India could be lethal. Let’s lift each other up during these tough times where a lot of jobs might be lost.

The most important aspect of any economy is its Human Resource capability. While economies are propelled by the success of their enterprise; the basis of the success of any enterprise lies in its ability to find the right talent. According to Albert Einstein, “Everybody is a genius” and the success of any organization OR the country’s economy, in general, depends on its ability to map the right people to the right Jobs. As simple as it sounds, the unorganized nature of itself makes it a very daunting task. Given our population & a large number of SMEs in India; it makes it even more complex. Experts believe that there is an abundance of both Jobs & Job-seekers in the Job-market; however there lacks an efficient mechanism to map them with each other. India aspires to be a 5 Trillion economy and this would only be possible by enabling the Job-seekers to discover the best Jobs.   

Here’s what we are going to do:

Zigsaw commits 6000+ Jobs to the community
Volunteering work by Zigsaw to contribute to the economy by providing 6000 Jobs to Job-seekers

Over the period of the next 6 months, we, at Zigsaw are going to make available 6000+ Jobs from Rajasthan, MP & Gujarat for all Job-seekers to apply. While the Job-market might be tight in the next 6 months, we are committed to ensure that the right Job reaches the right candidate. This would be an open for all platform to help Job-seekers search Jobs on the basis of city, industry, function, and salary. Kindly note that all Jobs listed on will be verified by a team of expert Recruiters. To further enhance the experience of Job-seekers, we would offer a 48-hour guaranteed action on all Job-applications. This means that we ensure that suitable action is taken on any application received at within 48 hours of receipt. Success & Satisfaction for a lot of us are centered around our Jobs & We are here to help the millions of Indians take their first step in this journey.

Are you with us?

You can contribute by simply sharing this article so that it reaches the right people.

P.S. We also invite College students to volunteer with us in Making India More Employable. We would provide an internship certificate & recommendation letter (in case of exceptional work) for your efforts. If you are willing to contribute, let us know in the comments below!!

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