Becoming Self-dependent | Start & run your own Recruitment Business

Have you longed to be an entrepreneur & be self-dependent? Here are some advantages of becoming an entrepreneur

  1. The thrill to build something: let’s face it, Jobs can sometimes get monotonous, sometimes in terms of role OR learning. Being an entrepreneur allows you to be always excited about what you are building. You navigate through the ups & downs to embark on a memorable journey of thrill & passion. 
  2. Reach your true potential: There is no upper limit to what you can achieve. The upside is a tremendous success, otherwise impossible working a Job.
  3. Impact: The impact you could have on society, inspite of the industry is tremendous. You create Jobs & address an existing problem thereby making the process efficient in some way.
  4. Retire Early: Successful entrepreneurs have the luxury to retire early to an evergrowing income.
  5. Satisfaction: You have yourself to credit with the failure OR success you achieve. This is a very important aspect for overachievers to be able to credit their success/failure to themselves
  6. Staying close to your family: For the top talent, a lot of times growing in our career requires us to move out of our hometown. Starting your own business allows us to grow as per potential without the need to compromise on your social OR family life.

Advantages of running a Recruitment Business

  1. Opportunities to learn & grow: Recruitment offers a learning curve like no other. Interacting with a lot of people of different industry, functions & seniority not only hones your Interpersonal Skills but provides for a learning curve like no other role. Recruiting for clients from different industries gives us an exposure to diverse industry backgrounds. When recruiting for Top Management positions makes People from Recruitment Industry very professional and thorough. 
  2. Work with Top Clients from across the globe: As Job-seekers and Clients have moved online, most of the Recruitment happens online. This enables you to work on Junior positions from Tier-4 cities to CXO roles in Different Continents. This allows you to choose your own sweet spot in terms of industry, function and geography and craft your own niche. 


How to bag clients in Recruitment Industry

  1. Approach via LinkedIn: Most Hiring Manager publicize their available Job openings via LinkedIn which makes it a fantastic platform to find new prospects.
  2. Find leads from other Job-boards: Hiring Managers find it most convenient to post their Job Ads on leading Job Portals
  3. Refer to newspapers: This mostly works for Tier3 & Tier4 cities with mostly traditional Clients


How to close positions in Recruitment

  1. Getting premium access to is the best way to close Entry & Mid-level positions
  2. Referrals are the most popular method to close mid-level to senior positions. Becoming a partner of allows you to be a part of our wide referral network of Recruitment Consultants.
  3. Posting Job Ads on Zigsaw, Indeed, Facebook Jobs could help you source more relevant profiles. Whilst the reach of Facebook Jobs could be high, applications on Zigsaw are pre-screened by a team of Recruitment Specialists of Zigsaw enabling effective screening for even beginners.


Enthusiasts could also choose to become a Franchise Partner of Zigsaw and start Recruiting from Day1


Advantages of becoming a franchise partner of Zigsaw

  1. Start from day 1: Partnering with Zigsaw would allow you to start from Day1 as you receive access to Members ONLY playbook of Researching & Approaching Clients; Sourcing & reaching potential hires without the administrative hassles of GST, office, overhead costs etc.
  2. Establish Trust: Zigsaw being one of the fastest-growing & the best-rated Recruitment Firms in the country, there are good chances that the Candidate/Client has heard about Zigsaw. Approaching them with the brand name Zigsaw establishes rapport and increase the Conversion % for both Candidate & Clients
  3. You can choose to become a Business Development Franchise Partner OR Recruitment Franchise Partner of Zigsaw based on your strengths
    1. Business Development Franchise Partner: Our automated systems have tools to engage potential Clients to drive conversions
    2. Recruitment Franchise Partner: Becoming a Recruitment Franchise Partner would allow you to create & send Automated campaigns for Job-seekers: Whenever you post a Job at Zigsaw, our automated candidate outreach tools would reach out to relevant candidates & invite them to apply on the posted Job. This happens without any effort from your end and increases the chances of closing any position multifold.
  4. Manage the ups & downs of Business: Becoming a franchise partner allows you to share your risks with us & other franchise partners. The diversification of risks allows all of us to benefit out of the association

How to become a Business Development Franchise Partner OR Recruitment Franchise Partner of Zigsaw?

  1. Discuss any queries you might have with our Franchise Partner on Call/WhatsApp at 8619011848 OR on email to OR by leaving comments below this blog post. The franchise partner would help you with your queries.
  2. A registration fee of 50,000 is required to become a Franchise Partner of Zigsaw. Post your application, you would be subjected to a rigorous screening process since we are sensitive about our brand and who we associate ourselves with. If your application is rejected, you would be refunded your application Fee. Kindly note that the Registration Fee is non-refundable in case your drop off during the screening process.
  3. On successfully qualifying via our Selection process, you would be allotted a specific niche (Industry/Location/Function) and you can start delivering results from the word Go. A dedicated mentor would be allotted to you to help & guide you through any challenges you might face.


Choosing between Business Development Franchise Partner Versus Recruitment Franchise Partner

Here’s what we would recommend for you

  • If you have <2 years of experience in Recruitment, we recommend becoming a Business Development Franchise Partner
  • If you have >2 years of experience in Recruitment, we recommend becoming a Recruitment Franchise Partner


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