Content Writing – Everything you need to know about pursuing a career

Years before, a career in content writing wasn’t much considered by the people as a mainstream career option. But, with advancements in technology and the internet, awareness among people for content writing has increased exponentially. Let us understand more about this upcoming field of content writing.

What does a Content Writer do?

Content writers are experts in writing engaging content that can be used online. They are Internet-savvy people who generate articles, posts, and web material. 

Content writers create Web content. It includes e-books, sales copy, podcasts, or text for graphics. Content writers write content for different kinds of websites, which include social networks, blogs, news aggregators, e-commerce websites, and college websites.

Skills of a Content Writer

Content writing job is not always a simple one and you need to look after some expertise areas to be a successful writer. So, here given are some essential skill sets that a good writer needs and continue to sharpen over the course.

  • Passion towards writing and flair of grammar and punctuation
  • Content writer must write unique and original content
  • Must write in simple language
  • Keep the sentences short
  • Getting inspiration from innovative ideas
  • Cooperate with many other departments and create new ideas
  • Developing good network over social media

Choosing Content Writing as a Career

If you think you are good at writing and can write the best quality content then this is one best career option to look at. Content Writing is a profession and has high demand in the marketing and business field. Let us check out why you must choose this field:

  • Write all day.
  • Can work as a freelancer
  • Get a chance to work with different companies and sectors
  • Work with more than one client 
  • You aren’t dependent on anybody and work independently
  • Work from anywhere and anytime you want
  • You will earn more than a corporate job
  • Once you become a pro in writing, you will put less effort and earn more
  • With time you will improve your writing capabilities and speed
  • Writing will not take a toll on your physical and mental health
  • Writing makes you aware of various countries, industries, and sectors. 

How to start content writing

Content writing isn’t any rocket science and can be done if you have a strong determination to do it. But, one question that often comes around is how to become a content writer and from where to start? Nothing to worry! The first thing is you must be able to write. Let’s say you are given a blank paper and just a little information to start with, how will you do? Take a charge and plan to create brilliant and engaging content. You can research the little information given, organizing your thoughts, and come up with an outline. Make sure you review/proofread your content so that it is free from all errors.

To get your job done, you will need some provisions, like:

  • A desktop or laptop with a high-speed internet connection.
  • Microsoft Word 
  • Skype account for calls or video conferences with clients.
  • A good software like Grammarly and Copyscape.

Dos and Don’ts of Content Writing: For an aspiring writer, it is important to know certain essentials of content writing and evolve yourself into a composed, polished and well-informed writer.

Do’s of Content Writing

  • Being clear and concise
  • Explore content types and areas
  • Keep your writing updated 
  • Research well
  • Do proper proofreading, spell check, and punctuations 

Don’ts of Content Writing

  • Do not use complicated words in your content 
  • Do not copy-paste your content, plagiarism is a complete NO!
  • Do not write dry & dull content

Myths about Content Writing 

There are plenty of myths floating around on what makes for great content. Let us dispel some:

  • Content writing can be done by anyone.
    It’s simple! Just have good knowledge of grammar, check your spelling and punctuation, and you are done! Unfortunately, it is not that simple. It requires
  • Content Writing is Highly Competitive
    In terms of competition, content writing is considered to be a less crowded job option with a vast capacity to allow infinite writers to work.

How much do content writers make in India

To be honest, writing is a proficient job sector and provides you a good salary. A freelance writer can earn up to Rs. 25,000 to Rs. 30,000 monthly based on several projects or assignments you complete. The professional writers charge up to 300 to 700 Rs per article and some charge per word used that will range from 1 Rs to 5 Rs per word considering your experience and skills.

Future of Content Writing 

A content writing career is quite diverse and offers great opportunities to aspiring writers & students. Though content writing is in huge demand today, we can see the focus shifting more towards digital media, audios, and videos. Just like another profession, content writing has a similar amount of risks, hard work and dedication required and hustle is the same as any other job.


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