Step by Step guide for Freelance Recruiters to refer profiles


  1. Log into your Zigsaw account
  2. Whatsapp your email address at 9887890909 and allow us some time to give you the necessary access from the backend.
  3. Click on the Recruiter dropdown box and select Recruiter Dashboard Refer your friends and earn attractive incentives
  4. Search by the job seekers’ email address or phone number and then start filling up basic details.
    • Source – whether you found the candidate on LinkedIn or our own database or so on and so forth (look at (a) in the figure)
    • Job code – the code you are working on at the moment (look at (b) in the figure)
    • Refer by – credentials of  the one who referred the job seeker to you (look at (c) in the figure)
    • Comment – whatever conversation you had with the candidate (look at (d) in the figure)
    • Status – click on the dropdown box and select the status (look at (e) in the figure)
    • WhatsApp text – follow up with a whatsapp message. (look at (f) in the figure)

    Refer your friends and earn attractive incentives


  5. In case if the job seeker is not registered with us, after entering the phone number, you would have to click on the ‘search’ tab and then ‘add user‘.
    • Fill up the basic details such as the current salary and preferred location.
    • Then, click on the name and fill the support sheet and add the remarks pertaining to the conversation you had with the candidate.

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