How to Hire Employees in India?

Finding good employees is not very simple today. If you are searching for the best solution for your organization, it is important you hire an employee that has the potential and talents required. And for this, you need to do extensive research and experienced people will manage your projects and deadlines in a right way.

Let us know how you can get more applicants for the job with unique and proven tips so you are not only filling positions, but, you are filling it with the right people.

How to Hire Employees in India?

How to Hire Employees in India

Look for the Job Board

There’re many incredible job portals in India. The majority of them provide essential features such as wide reach and reasonable costing, and employees from different fields. Suppose you are not able to find good job boards, you can try listing the position of industry-specific website, such as IT job boards, healthcare job boards, and remote job boards. Some best job boards are:

Check Out With Top Universities

It is common practice for many universities to establish good relationship with businesses as a part of the career services program. These universities host events regularly like the career fairs where the partner companies come and set up their booths and have exhibits and talks. So, contact colleges and universities and set up the partnership to ensure you have an access to best prospects entering at your workplace. There are some universities that also advertise on the college newspapers and website, thus you can find the students there.

Ask Your Employees & Customers for Any Referrals

You can take help of your existing employees for sourcing new hires. As they have their network of colleagues and friends that you can tap into. Furthermore, your current employees know your business very well, so they may know who from the network can be suitable for this job. These kinds of referrals generally tend to improve morale and retention rates.

One good source for the recruitment is a customer database. Recruitment from the customer database is perfect as they will be aware about with your business and know you as professionals.

Taking Help of Professional Consultancy

Another best way to hire employees in India will be linking up with the professional HR consultancy like Zigsaw Consultancy. They have got databases of many candidates. So, let them do an initial filtration and choose from those left. They will help you find the right job candidates, if their profile is good.

Network on Social Media Channels

Social media will work like the free job boards; you can share the current job openings as well as reach out to many potential candidates out there. You may start with LinkedIn; and being the professional social media network, it is where people will learn about the job opportunities. You can post the open roles on LinkedIn page & let the coworkers share this job with their friend networks, and more.

Important Criteria When Choosing To Hire Employees in India

Bringing somebody into your company is perhaps the most important decisions that you can ever make. Each employee is the extension of your product or brand & how they will represent your business reflects your company. Thus, what’s the prospective employee have to do? Firstly, companies must establish & enforce some strict guidelines of what their employee’s converse about their lives on social media. You must never control their private lives, however, how they represent themselves—or, your organization—certainly is one big concern. When you want a highly qualified person, you do not want one who can misrepresent your company and its core values.

The point is, hiring the best employee is much more important than anything else. So, here are some 3 criteria for making the right hiring decision.

Capabilities: Obviously, any prospective employee should have qualifications and ability to do this job that you’re hiring a person to do. To be nice and helping any friend won’t do any good to you in this department. It must go a bit beyond college degrees. What real hands-on experience does a person has? What is the person trained and educated to do? And as each organization is very different, you have to consider learning curve involved in the process.

Value: You have to look over what value a person brings to your organization. There’re two ways to do this. Firstly, what is the investment or salary you are keen to make in this person? Will you get the expertise for your money? Bringing somebody aboard at the fair salary is important. Suppose you are getting somebody in a cheap just because they are looking for the job, then that person may end up leaving very soon whenever any better offer comes.

You need to pay people what the jobs are worth. Look at their potential & network. Are they having any expertise in some other areas where the company needs to grow? Are they having an amazing network of contacts and individuals you will tap in the future? Some of these factors play in value equation as well as go beyond the current salary.

Cultural Fit: Lastly, there has to be the cultural fit. It has become quite important nowadays. The disruptive employee will cause huge damage to morale inside an organization and customer relationships. The culture you establish can dictate who fit in & thrive. Suppose the employees are allowed to wear jeans & t-shirts in the office and a particular person shows up in the suit & tie daily, he can end up causing a little friction. Suppose you promote teamwork and partnership and your particular candidate is a lone wolf that loves to work alone, then there can be the friction.

People spend several hours in the work environment. Suppose that environment is uncomfortable or threatening, you may lose good employees over the period of time. You will find out so much about an individual through an interview process & their social channels.


Hiring the right employees is an important decision that any organization makes, particularly smaller businesses. You need to use each possible tool to ensure that person you bring in will be your asset and not  liability.

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