Best Career Options after Graduation in India

Every year a fresh batch of graduates appear in a world of numerous possibilities and endless career choices. They are not only confused but also disillusioned. The question tags of “What ifs” and “what nows” are tormenting enough. Expectations from peers, parents, and themselves become extremely pressurizing, and more often than not, these students find themselves sorting through a scattered list of what they can do next.

Below discussed are a few potential career options for graduates from the three different streams of Humanities, commerce, and science. Read on.

Best Career Options after Graduation in India


Careers in humanities have traditionally been a bleak possibility. Students, parents, and laymen were always under the impression that graduation in a humanities stream leads to a life of uncertainties and less prospective job offers. It was closely associated with students who were not capable of doing anything better and hence chose humanities. However, humanities are a stream with a wide range of career options. Contradicting popular beliefs, it opens an arena of vast prospects for any student pursuing it. The following listed several popular career options for any Humanities graduate.

1. LLB

The legal profession has been a sought after field since time immemorial. It has been associated with a higher social standard. A bachelor’s in legislative law is a great career option for humanities graduate. Mostly graduates in history, or political science, or other social sciences are preferred; anybody can pursue this course by cracking the respective entrance tests for colleges. An LLB degree may lead to a professional life of attorneys, corporate lawyers, entertainment lawyers, and even government judicial services.

2. Civil Services

One of the most prospective career options for humanities graduates is civil services. However, it is tough to get in. The UPSC exams are one of the toughest exams to crack with a low ratio of student take-in. Students usually have to be very committed to their preparation for this exam. Once cleared, it promises a life of perks. Being a civil servant, it assures a significant degree of power and contribution in the decision-making process. The most famous civil services are Indian Economic Service, Indian Police Service, Indian Administrative Service, Indian Foreign Service, etc.

3. Journalism

Journalism promises a life of thrill and adventure. Students with a drive for the thrill of excellent skills in narration can choose this career option. A degree in journalism or mass-communication can open the roads to this career. Journalism has many divisions. A student can pursue one according to his or her interests. Travel journalism, sports journalism, and entertainment journalism happen to be the most popular options among budding journalists.

4. Writing

Writing can be a great career option for students who are passionate about it. Even though conventionally, the idea was that it does not guarantee a stable career, but the scenario has changed drastically. Almost every company in today’s time looks for prospective writers to create content for their company either offline or on the web to reach out to their target audience. Besides, freelancing and blogging have also emerged as off-beat career choices.

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Commerce graduates are mostly expected to pursue an MBA or become a Chartered Accountant as their final career choice. According to the conventional belief, these are what commerce studies are related to. However, there are many career options in front of commerce graduates and that are listed below:

1. Market Researcher

Commerce graduates can successfully make a career in market research. Companies hire many market research employees, and there is a steady potential of growth as high as being an executive. Market researchers gather data about the market, analyze trends, make forecasts, and collect information about competitors before launching a new product.

2. Chief Accountant

Under the popularity of Chartered Accountancy, other prospective fields such as this do not get the desired recognition. An amazing career choice for commerce graduates if the Institute of Cost and Works Accountants of India (ICWAI). On clearing through its levels, which are the foundation, intermediate and final in addition to the practical training of 3 years, students can have the potential of becoming an Internal Auditor, Chief Accountant, or even a Financial Controller.

3. Human Resource Manager

A diploma or masters in HR following a degree can lead to great opportunities in Human Resource Management. The workforce is the most significant power of an organization, and the management of that resource requires potential candidates. An extremely in-demand career with excellent perks and job satisfaction is what a career in HR promises.

4. Banker

As cliche as it sounds, banking is one of the most sought after careers, and a graduate has the opportunity to pursue it. The undergraduate degree can be followed by a master’s in the same or an MBA to improve job prospects. Cracking the different banking exams is also a way into the career.


There are numerous traditional as well as modern career options for a science graduate. It opens up an avenue of multiple opportunities. With the ever-growing discoveries and dimensions, the career options for science graduates, are almost endless. What it takes is realizing their areas of interest and walking in that path. Below discussed are a few career options that a science graduate can pursue. The number of fields and careers are so vast that it is difficult to list down the most prospective ones.

  1. A lot of science graduates pursue a professional degree in Business Administration or an MBA for more dynamic job prospects.
  2. Nautical sciences or marine engineering opens of exciting prospects like nautical surveyors, deck officers, scuba drivers, etc.
  3. Academia is a great option for science graduates. The BSc. degrees are followed by Masters in the same. Following that, students have to pass the National Eligibility Test (NET) to be qualified as a junior fellowship researcher or an assistant professor. This profession guarantees stable income, less work-stress, and constant potential for knowledge-gain.
  4. A BSc. degree in BioInformatics can lead to a career of BioInformatics scientist, Biochemist, actuary, etc.
  5. A rapidly emerging stream in science is food technology. Graduation in this stream can lead to careers such as nutritionists, organic chemists, bacteriologists, etc.
  6. A BSc. in Biochemistry has prospects of careers like Clinical Scientist, Forensic Scientist, Pharmacologist, etc.
  7. Graduation degrees in microbiology open up opportunities in the field of genetics, virology, immunology, environmental microbiology, etc.
  8. Graduation in Information Technology also leads to in-demand career options. Programmer, database administrator, system analyst, software Engineer are just to name a few.

When searched, there are endless career options in unlimited domains and fields. Lists after lists can be formed. Some careers might seem very attractive, some a bit dull. Ultimately what it comes down to is the interest and passion of the student pursuing it. Choosing a career due to popular group-think is one of the most common mistakes that students commit. Instead, if they and their parents focused on the students’ interests, it would make the most fantastic career. If a person puts his foot forward to do something that he/she likes, then even the most unique and bleak career options will also yield the maximum prospects.

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