How to Write a Declaration for Resume? – With Samples

A resume is one of the most critical aspects that help anyone land a job in this extremely competitive environment. A resume is something that creates that first impression and can help you float or sink. It helps give an overview of your achievements to date to your prospective employer and goes a long way in deciding your future. So, the resume has to be on-point and should give an impressive overview of you as a person. The resume should also simultaneously describe your achievements in a positive light. Thus, a professional resume, with the correct template, is one of the most crucial deciding factors.

A working professional with some years of work experience still has an idea of what is expected in a resume. But if you are a fresher, then getting it accurately to point is the single most crucial thing for you. It helps you give the big start to your dream career. Resume for a fresher is nothing but a self-advertising document, portraying them as perfectly fit for the job role applied and thereby compelling the potential recruiters for shortlisting them. Apart from all the facts, one of the essential parts of the resume is the area of declaration, which gives the person reading your resume, a guarantee that all the facts mentioned above are entirely correct.

Resume Declaration

A declaration in the resume is written generally at the end of the entire document, authoritatively stating that all the information furnished regarding one-self is true and is acknowledged by you. The name and the date also forms a part of the resume declaration. This practice of including the declaration is a pretty old concept, and there are two sectors of people on either side of the coin stating it’s importance in inclusion or not. It was done earlier to prevent cases of fraud or misinformation regarding a person. Even today, including a declaration, seems to be more credible and displays transparency on the part of the applicant.

Importance of a Declaration in Resume

A well-structured resume must have all of the elements including from an impressive title, your name, and address, educational qualifications till current date, all the internships that are undertaken, Achievements in the field of education, co-curricular activities, your hobbies, extra skills that you possess, languages that are known, any other personal information worth knowing, references from previous workplaces (if any) and at last the declaration. All the elements mentioned above together create an impressive resume, and thus including all the elements is recommended.

A great declaration at the end of the resume has the following importance:

  • It gives proof of your authenticity and thereby prevents the chances of confusion and wrong information during the recruitment process.
  • It also gives the referral provided by you an extra edge of credibility.
  • For freshers, especially, a declaration can create a great first impression in the mind of the recruiters.
  • It also acts as a deterrent for any kind of manipulation or fraud in the details.

When to Use Declaration in a Resume

Declaration in a resume seems to be useful when you are applying for a job in one of the following areas:

  • When applying for a job in a company that follows a formal application process.
  • When applying for a job in the government sector.
  • A job in a country where the declaration in a resume is pretty much a prevalent practice.
  • When applying for a job in an educational institution.
  • When applying for a job in a company that has strictly defined corporate hierarchy.

How to Write a Declaration in Resume?

Some things must be included while writing the declaration sentence in a resume. These things serve as a skeleton for providing the correct form of declaration. These are:

Things to be Included While Writing a Declaration

  • A clear declaration statement in precise 1-2 lines: The declaration can be in the most simple words but must convey the message that all the information provided is true without any speculation of doubt.
  • Date and location- The current date and the location of the author must be mentioned quite clearly just below the declaration on the left-hand corner.
  • Full signature- Your full official signature at the right-hand side of the declaration content, is a must as it gives the declaration it’s authenticity. Your signature works like an official seal, thereby proving the genuineness of the information provided.
  • Full name: Just below the signature, your full name is written. Both the signature and the name is written on the right side, which is opposite to the date and the location in the declaration content.

Template for Declaration

Template for Declaration

Examples of Resume Declaration

Few samples on how to write a declaration for a resume to make it more credible are provided below. They are:

  • I hereby declare that all the details mentioned above are in accordance with the truth and fact as per my knowledge, and I hold the responsibility for the correctness of the above-mentioned particulars.
  • I hereby declare that the information mentioned above is true to my knowledge, and I will be held responsible for any deviation from them at a later stage.
  • I hereby declare that the information mentioned here is true and correct to my knowledge, and I take complete responsibility for the accuracy of the particulars mentioned.
  • I hereby declare that the above-mentioned information is correct to the best of my belief.
  • All the information provided by in the resume are correct and to the best of my knowledge.
  • I solemnly declare that all the above information is free from error to the best of my knowledge and belief.
  • I hereby declare that the above statements mentioned in my resume are true and correct to the best of my knowledge.
  • I sincerely proclaim that all the information provided above is true to my knowledge and I am responsible for its accuracy.
  • I hereby declare that all the above-mentioned information is accurate and true.
  • I sincerely declare that the information mentioned above is true and I take responsibility for any deviation from the above-mentioned facts in the future.

These are some of the sample declaration sentences that can be used in a resume. Though a declaration is not mandatory, including it in the resume enhances the credibility and creates a great first impression. So, include it in your resume and let your resume do wonders.

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