How to Write Statement of Purpose for Internship with Sample

If you are an intern and want to work in a good organization, you have to make sure your application is perfectly written. You would be competing against other interns for the prime spots and to get selected your application have to stand out. You would be asked certain things for typical application though you do have to check specifics of an internship you apply to:

What’s Statement of Purpose or SoP for Internship?

The statement of purpose for an internship isn’t similar to a resume. Many people have got the misconception that the essay is about requesting for an internship in an organization. It means all your abilities, skills, and achievements will be shared in the letter. You need to convince the recruiters to do your selection. The letter will be written in various ways with certain variations in the layout and format.

Why’s SOP So Important?

A prompt and well-written Statement of Purpose is very critical for your admission. Pointless to say, there’re several aspects of the candidate’s application, which are checked before finalizing the decision. Whereas the academic record or other exam scorecards and academic backlog and transcripts certificate are objective in nature, but, SOP is a subjective aspect of the application. It’s an only document in the application that offers you an opportunity of proving that you have got something special and makes you stand out. As such, it’s an important document that will hugely finalize your admission.

How to Write Statement of Purpose for Internship?

The first thing that you have to make sure is the right structure of your writing. Suppose you read some statement of purpose samples and compare this with each other, you can see that there’s the flow of ideas over the document. The typical structure of internship SoP is:


An opening needs to be about you or what you’re applying for. This needs to highlight something unique about you that will make you stand out. It must talk about your motivation for selecting a specific field.

Research Experience:

If you’re writing the SoP for an internship, then you have to cover your research experience and show you have the right qualities & drive expected from you. You have to demonstrate your experience and areas that you are interested in. You have to cover the following:

  • What type of experience you have? It might be fieldwork, classroom experience, or earlier internships.
  • What inspires you? Is there any specific experience? Who motivated you?
  • How does the internship relate to your career and education plans?

Current Interests:

Is there anything you find very interesting to study, why? How is the internship connected to your interests?

Career Goals:

Stay onto your goals for the next 5 to 10 years. Tell why this internship is an important step to achieve these goals. Show it is a crucial part of the current education and training.

To give a perfect view on how the Statement of Purpose is written, look at the given samples. When you go through the samples, notice how a writer followed and diverged from the above format. Check if you think that writing was a bit clear in the statement of purpose for internship and what you will do differently if you write it. Ensure you take notes when you read or use them as the reference.

SoP for Internship Sample

The following sample statements, though successful and well written, aren’t perfect and might have mistakes and weaknesses. They aren’t about you. It isn’t given to showing you the model to copy but provide you with an example of how it is done by other writers. You have to write a statement in your words.

I am a student at Delhi University and studying Mechanical Engineering with an emphasis in Automobile Engineering. I will graduate this July 2015, with a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. I feel proud to share that I am one of the best students in my class who has a desire to learn many new things in my field. During my initial career, I got an opportunity to gain enough knowledge and experience in my classroom, workshops, and in my practice sessions. I plan to enter XXX university’s graduate program in XXXX technology.

Automobile engineering is a core field from the Mechanical stream, and I find this field more interesting and practically satisfying. Subjects I like a lot are Vehicle Body Engineering, Body and White, Automobile Engineering. I have also participated thoroughly from the past 4 years to improve my understanding and mastery of the subjects, and have greatly enjoyed this process. I want to study Motor Sports design and technology at university so that, I can contribute and investigate the knowledge of different design and engineering phenomena encountered in Automobile Engineering. It will to accurate assessment and use of engineering features. Properties of materials, design parameters, and manufacturing and my specific interest include Body Design Mechanics, Sketching, and Clay Modelling.

During my summer breaks, I worked as an intern at XXX that is the Mechanical and Automobile Engineering Design and consulting company in Pune. During my period at XXX, I was responsible for various tasks, using computer-aided design. The parts I enjoyed learning about its theory behind the engineering applications, and experience. I have had the design drafting and calculations. Performing stress analysis was an exciting job for me. It amazed me and gave me a clear idea about all the efforts it took to design one single part with a high degree of accuracy and precision. 

In mid of my program, I participated in the state-level presentation competition and even secured a good position. The topic that I presented was Bio-Diesel fuels and learned that the alternative fuel is going to be future. When writing a paper, I did not have any idea about where to begin and stuck in plenty of stages. However, I thought to take help from one of my faculty members and this turned out really well. In an end, I got appreciated my achievement by the faculty members. For the experience, I learned giving up isn’t a good idea, for each and every problem there is the solution. I am the participant in the event that is held by the Society of Automobile Engineers. It is an amazing event for undergraduate engineering students, globally organized by the Society of Automobile Engineers. My project will be an experimental determination for engineering and design where the maximum areas of mechanical and automobile engineering will be covered. At the end of this semester, I will submit the formal written report documenting various procedures and results of research and participation.

My career goal is to become the Motor Sports Design Engineer, and where I will be able to conduct design and research the engine by using different designing tools with optimum and precision command.

Sum Up 

Don’t just summarize what you already said. Ensure you link everything possible and explain to them how they can benefit from accepting your application to an internship.

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