How to Approach a Company for a Job?

Those years of hard work and slogging. Those all-nighters for the upcoming exams. Learning of those thick textbooks. Millions of formulas to remember. That race to come first every year, hundreds of exams to pass, all of these done just to get a stable job to fulfil all the wishes you have ever dreamt about! There are millions of jobs out there, but still, you dream of getting that one job, which can fulfil all your dreams, the job you had always wished and desired, the job that you want to do for the rest of your life.

Different companies offer various job profiles. To get a job in a particular domain or sector, getting a proper education in that field is a must. Develop additional skills by doing those different certifications, learning about the current happenings in that sector, continuously upskilling yourself according to the current trend, really gives you an edge. All these CV pointers will help you pass the first round on paper, but to crack the interview you will have to have a really good personality with a great presence of mind.

These are certain ways that you can use while approaching a company for a job.

How to Approach a Company for a Job?

How to Approach a Company for a Job

Speculative Approach: The Direct Approach

Instead of waiting for the company to release posts saying that they are looking to hire someone, you target the company and inform them that you are available to offer your services. Before targetting the company, make sure that the skills you harbour, must align with the skills that the company needs at that point. To follow the speculative approach, you must:

  • Have an impressive CV that matches your skill with the company’s requirements.
  • If possible, try to use some connections that you have in the specified company so that you can get a good introduction.
  • Send an impressive cover letter to the manager, stating all your skills and what you can offer to the company thereby highlighting the points of how valuable you can be to the company (Which will differ from company to company).
  • Thoroughly research the company, the industry, it’s competitors and attains as much information regarding the company as possible. Research, research and lots of research is the only way to keep yourself updated and be prepared to face any questions.
  • Prepare an impressive telephonic pitch, so that you may not be caught like a deer in headlights. Practice it many times, make the delivery perfect, so that you can deliver the pitch any time you get the call.
  • Prepare thoughtful questions for the meeting, be interactive with the interviewer, propose your plans for the company’s future, leave no stone unturned, if you are invited for the interview.
  • Most of these interviews are taken to test your presence of mind, so be prepared to think on your feet.
  • Follow up the interview with a quick gratitude email or a phone call.

Try to keep in contact with the manager, even after the meeting, to check the status of your selection. This approach has the advantage that this method has less competition.

A list of don’t do’s are:

  • Don’t send a copy of your resume to every company that you come across. Do proper research regarding the desired company and align all your efforts to one company.
  • Do not drop hard copies of your resumes at the company’s reception desk.
  • Don’t prepare a pitch that goes on for pages after pages, it will surely bore the people out.
  • Don’t keep your elevator pitch hanging for the last moment till the call arrives. Be perfect in whatever you say.

Recruitment Agencies

Many companies prefer hiring through various recruitment agencies. Most of them are platform-based applications like Job boards, social and professional networks, LinkedIn and many more. These generally have a recruitment management system, where the recruiters share the CV of the candidates with the hiring companies and the system accepts the potential candidate’s CV. Acceptance is followed by some steps may be an assignment or direct interview.

Networking: Connecting With People In Your Desired Position

This is one of the best ways to approach a company for a job as many of us know that the best jobs are never advertised! Actively looking for the people who are in the position that you desire interacting with them, making networks will help in this humongous task of searching for a job. Asking about their life journeys, what steps they took to reach the stage they are currently, will help you build perspective and they may also introduce you to the recruiter in their company. Joining LinkedIn, the qualified networking website, it surely does open huge amounts of opportunities.

Job/Career Fairs

Apart from all the free items that they offer, job fairs are organized for the sole purpose to get in contact with the job seekers. This gives you the direct opportunity to go and talk to the employer, understand the company’s requirements, pitch in yourself to the potential recruiter and use the opportunity for your benefit.

These are just some of the ways how you can approach a company or even an employer for a job. Having an impressive tailor-made resume, the cover letter is the starting point that helps get you in the good books of a potential employer. Never hesitate when speaking in an interview, boldly keep your views, opinions and plans forward which makes it more difficult for the employer to let go of you. Have the confidence in yourself that there is nothing that you cannot achieve and this confidence will shine in the way you present yourself. Yes, you need a job, but don’t forget that companies are also always in the search of hard-working good employees as you, so it is always a two-way street. Don’t let the pressure bog you down and give your all to get the job of dreams.

Always remember no one but you are the only one, who can get you the job you have always desired and so prepare yourself for that!

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