10 Best HRMS Software in India 2020

An HR’s job in any organization is one of the most challenging jobs. Looking after so many aspects, taking care of all the issues of the employees, the go-to person in case of any trouble, from recruitment to salaries, the HR manager does it all. From making the onboarding process of the new employees a smooth journey to making sure that all the employees have great relations with each other, the HR manager is the person who serves as the bridge between the employees’ activities and the firm’s strategic objectives. It is a deemed fact that HR has an indispensable role to play in any organization and thus their importance cannot be overlooked.

A human resource management software is one which makes management of various human resource activities easy. A human resource management system (HRMS) also goes by different names like human resource information system (HRIS) and human capital system (HCM). An HRM software combined with the packages of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) makes the basic daily HR activities manageable and easy to access. Everything in today’s generation has been touched by the wave of technology and thus has become more tech-savvy. Even the HR domain is not spared from it, thus giving rise to HRM software.

Functions Of HRMS Software

HRM software performs various kinds of HR activities which are listed below:

  • Recruitment
  • Managing payroll
  • Storing employee data
  • Benefits administration
  • Employee performance management
  • Time and attendance of employees
  • Tracking of employees’ competencies
  • Records of the training received by the employees
  • Data handling which includes acquiring, storing, analyzing and distributing to various stakeholders
  • Tracking and granting leaves
  • Taking care of financial transactions
  • Making and tracking report files of every employee

And many more…..

List of Best HRMS Software in India

Best HRMS Software in India

As the number of activities in the HR domain has increased, so has the efficiency and scope of HRM software also improved to match the changing demands. Below is the list of top 10 HRM software in India. Some of the best softwares:


One of the best HRM software in India. It was launched in 2016 and is one of the first HR software that aims to provide better employee experience and is employee-centric. It also has many awards for the HRM software that it provides under its belt and has a huge satisfied customer base with many popular brands in it. Touted as one of the best payroll software, it has many other features to offer too, like keeping centralized information, safe and secure data, providing employee portals and more!


One of the veterans in the field of providing HR software, launched in the year 1994, it has a huge customer base of 9000+ businesses spanning across more than 150 cities in India. The software offers various features like Payroll processing, leave management, attendance management, employee lifecycle management, easy access through its mobile version along with exceptional guidance and many more. There is a reason that still after 25 years, this HRMS is going strong and is still loved by many! Go and have a look at yourself.


Included in top 5 HRM software for startups in India, Sum HR was launched in 2013 to streamline HR and payroll activities. A cloud-based HR software, that aims to reduce paper works and increase the efficiency of the HR department. Easy navigation also serves as one of the perks of this software. A web-based software performing functions like tax calculation and bonus for an employee, looking into employee engagement activities, monitoring of salaries and many more.


One of the best HRM software that helps with strategic management of the organization. It provides high employee engagement thereby being effective in reducing the attrition rate. It is the proud HR tech partner of more than 200 firms and also the customers’ choice software for the year 2020. Some of the features provided are interactive calendar view, smart and flexible leave management, customizable leaves and tracking options and many more. It also has an AI-enabled chatbot option which is loved by everyone who has used it.

247 HRM

Winner of 2018’s HR tech and conference award, 247 HRM is a feature-rich and user-friendly software. With an interactive dashboard, 247 HRM offers customizable solutions as suited for your firm. Some of the many features offered by this HRM are timesheets of each employee, talent management, expense management, performance management, and employee-friendly self-service portal, attendance and leave tracking and many more.

Zoho People

An HCM solution is a web-based HR and payroll management system. It provides customizable solutions for organisations of all sizes. Named as the 360 degrees HR solution, this software provides a huge amount of features like efficient management of data and HR activities, performance evaluations, case management of various employees, employee and document management, e-signature are just a few of many.


Available on all the different platforms like windows, android, ioS, this is one of the best HRM solution providers in India. Holder of lots of different awards for the HR solution that it provides since 2010, it is one of the best in its fields. Apart from the regular attendance management, leave management, learning management and many more, HRMantra promises to save 30 minutes per employee and gives 10 times the ROI.

Pocket HRMS

A product of Saga Software solutions, it provides all the features for HR domain from hire to fire. Ensuring data security of all of your employees, an interactive chat-box makes the entire process easier. It makes the entire HR organization more efficient by taking care of the onboarding process, payroll management system, RR analytics etc. One of the smart solution providers that you won’t ever regret engaging with.


Better quality, better continuity and better sustainability are what this HRM solution aims to provide. Equipped with 22 HR modules and a strategically designed UI interface, it has redefined the entire HR department. It aims to improve the overall performance of the employees, providing various recruitment solutions and has great user-experience feedback. Cloud-based software with a mobility solution provider makes it a game-changing software.


A software that helps the employee go through the entire employee life cycle is a mobile-ready, cloud-based software. It provides solutions for mid and large-size enterprises, looks into performance and appraisals, learning and development, travel management and more.

These are some of the top HRM software in India. HRM software is great tools that help take some load of the HR employees. It is a great advancement for HR in the technological field and it should be embraced with both the arms wide open. HRM software is just here to make our lives a little easy and step forth in the new technology-driven era. Thus, HRM software is really helpful and should be used in every organisation if not used still.

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