Top 16 Highest Paying IT Companies in India 2020

Tech hiring or recruitment in the IT sector is at a constant high. It is also a very competitive sector where every company wants to outshine the other to gain the best IT professionals. This attributes to high salaries and great perks for its employees. In India also some of the biggest IT companies and IT recruiters of the world have established their seats. Let’s find out the highest paying IT companies in India as mentioned below.

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Top 16 Highest Paying IT Companies in India

Highest Paying IT Companies in India


Google is the name that appears on the list of top 10 anything. It’s not just a company. It is a brand name. Almost every budding IT job-seeker dreams about working for Google. This is not only due to its popularity. The employee treatment in Google is known far and wide to be extraordinary. Also, it is one of the highest paying IT company not only in India but also the world. It is recorded to pay its employees forty per cent more than other IT companies. A fresher in Google is likely to get a salary of something between 5 to 38 lakhs rupees.


Adobe is a big name in software design. It is an Americal multinational. Adobe India is known for its lucrative pay packages for freshers as well as experienced candidates. It is not a firm that grew in India but by popular studies, Indian professionals have been on the top attractors’ list for jobs in this company. Freshers in this firm can expect an annual salary that can range from 7 lakhs to 15 lakhs. Also, the increase in salary after a few years of experience can range even up to 2 times.

Juniper Networks

Juniper Networks is a Silicon-valley based company. It is a company which works in the domain of networking and security hardware. In Dollars, it collects a revenue close 5 billion. It is also one of the highest paying IT companies operation in India. It categorises its software engineers into four grades that are grade1, 2, 3 and 4. Based on these grades, the professionals can earn an annual income ranging from 4 lakhs to 23 lakhs.


Not mentioning Microsoft in a list of the best and the highest paying IT companies will most likely be called a big human error. Tech savvies all around the world run after securing a job in Microsoft. It is one of the biggest attractors for IT professionals. Needless to say, it is a huge company and also offers high-paying jobs for its employees. A software engineer or a tech consultant can earn a whopping 12-18 LPA in Microsoft India. It is higher than most companies offer to its employees for the same job role.


Intel is one of the biggest names in the microprocessor unit of Information Technology. It generates revenues as high as sixteen billion dollars. Intel’s chips are used in the majority of PCs being produced today. The high-paying jobs provided by Intel India makes it a sought-after choice by job-seekers. The average salary in Intel India is around 11-12 lakhs.


CISCO is known far and wide for its huge networking. CISCO has multi-national collaborations. However, India has consistently proved to be one of the top-rated and high-performing markets for CISCO. It has also seen a steady increase as last year it has seen a 20 per cent increase in its last quarter. CISCO is a leading company in cloud IT infrastructure vendor and provides one of the highest-paying jobs. The average salary for software engineers is 12 LPA and for network engineers it is 6LPA.


Tech giants like Honeywell have gone all the way to attract candidates, retain them and ensure that they are productive. It constantly redesigns its business strategies. The company recruits candidates having an experience ranging from 1 year to 8 years. The annual salary package ranges from 8 lakhs to 30 lakhs. Apart from this Honeywell ensures that its employees have a great workplace to work in and numerous perks.


Even though Amazone is not a downright IT company but it is needless to say that Amazon employs a great deal of information technology in its operations. It is an e-commerce retail giant and from dropshipping products to earrings, Amazon has it all. The driving force behind its operations in various aspects of Information Technology. That is what makes Amazone one of the biggest recruiters of IT professionals. Amazon India provides high-paying jobs to the software engineers that are onboarded for this company. An IT professional working for Amazone gets a mean salary of 13 lakhs.

Goldman Sachs

Goldman Sachs is one of the biggest names in Investment banking. However, it is also one of the biggest recruiters of IT professionals. Hence it puts this company at par with many big tech giants in terms of opportunities and high salaries. Goldman Sachs India offers lucrative job opportunities to IT professionals. The average salary of an IT employee in this company can be around 10-12 lakhs.

Tower Research

Tower research is one of the most prominent names in financial services. It has a global presence and operates on a pioneer seat in India. It employs a huge deal of IT services and hence is listed as one of the highest paying IT jobs in India. A software engineer or a tech consultant can bag an average annual salary of 25-30 lakhs.


Atlassian is a multinational software company that had emerged in Australia. Its product offerings including software development, content management and product management. In India, it is seated in the IT hub of the country that is Bengaluru and one of the top recruiters of IT professionals in the country. It provides salaries as high as 30-35 LPA including the various perks.


MediaTek is an IT company from Taiwan that specialises in building chips for wireless communication. These include HD television sets, smartphones, navigation systems and various multimedia devices directed towards consumers. In India, it employs a large number of skilled IT professionals and provides annual packages as high as 16 lakhs to 24 lakhs.


Paypal is an American multinational company that facilitates as an operating vendor for online transactions for its customers, It facilitates online transactions of all kinds in substitute of traditional paper and card transactions. In India, it is well known for its lucrative pay packages that are as high as 25 lakhs.


Qualcomm is also an American multinational company having a pioneer seat in India. It provides one of the highest paying IT jobs in the country. Its operations include the creation of software, intellectual property, semiconductors and providing various services related to wireless technology. It is undoubtedly one of the most sought after companies in India for IT professionals. Its average salary stands at a huge 20 LPA according to recent statistics of 2020.


Nutanix is a company dealing in cloud computing technologies. It normally sells cloud services, software-induced storage and hyper-converged infrastructural software. It employs a large number of IT professionals in India. The job seekers also have a propensity towards this company due to its attractive annual packages and global exposure. According to 2020 studies, the average salary of an IT professional in Nutanix India is 20 LPA.

D. E. Shaw & Co.

D.E. Shaw and Co. initially emerged as an investment management firm. It is a multinational company But is main services are not financial. It employs creating complicated mathematical models and software to predict and analyse financial anomalies in the market. Hence IT is a big contributor to the operations in this company. IT professionals often find lucrative job offers in this firm. In India, the average annual salary package ranges from 16-23 LPA.

These were some high paying IT companies in India. Do mention in comments if we missed any company in the list.

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