Does Internship Count as Work Experience?

Job market chances of getting employed are already very thin. In such a scenario, Students are turning to every opportunity that is going to make them employable. They are utilising every possible way in which they can improve their employability. Not only this but the expertise and experience required at jobs no matter at what level and no matter what nature is very high. Today’s job market is different from the job market of 20 years ago. The job market has been changed, diversified and multiplied. 

Internships at the new talk of the town. Every student is seeking internships in many organisations to find out potential interest and experience. Some of them are solely done by them not for gaining any professional expertise but rather getting exposure or networking, which has become necessary in the fast paced world of today’s’.

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What is Internships?

An internship is a professional work experience given to students or young career enthusiasts. They equip them with given work exposure, techniques and problems that they need to be familiar with before delving into the career professionally. 

Why Do We Need an Internship?

As mentioned earlier, internships equip the entrant with nuances and framework that are present in the profession. They expose them towards the kind of work environment they will be working in, the kinds of problems they face, how they need to be dealt with. It gives them the strategy they need to form if they want to enter the field professionally. 

Students enter into the realm of internships for other purposes also, such as building networks or expanding them. 

These internships are offered by various organizations and companies, from as big as Google and Microsoft to small and new start-ups. They are offered in various fields such as HR, digital marketing, content development, data analytics, etc.

They have become essential in a highly competitive job market where the required skills also have become advanced. A workspace where you are closely monitored by a mentor for a specific skill contributes in a very holistic way in your professional development.

Does Internship Count as Work Experience?

Does Internship Count as Work Experience

The simple answer to this question would be a no. But if you have done some remarkable internships and gathered some convincing Letter of Recommendations, employers can make an exception for you, especially if you are a newcomer or fresh out of college. Work experience, unfortunately, means when you are employed in a professional role. There is a fine line between getting hired as an employee and getting hired as an intern.

Difference between Internship and Work Experience

  • Whether you are hired as an intern or an employee, your contract will explicitly mention your position.
  • The value of work experience is more than an internship in the job market; however, employers can make an exception for you if you are a newcomer and have bagged some quality internships in respective fields.
  • An internship can be paid, or unpaid, work experiences are paid.
  • Internship has a termination date given from the start, and work experiences mainly don’t mention the date of termination from the beginning.

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