How to Write Profile Summary in Resume for Freshers With Samples

Writing a resume has not only become important in the job market because it tells who you are but also speaks for you to your employer. We all are familiar with the phrase, first impression is the last impression. In corporate world or any job market, your resume creates the first impression for you even before you open your mouth to introduce yourself. It is, therefore, very important to not only have impressive records in your resume but also written in a correct manner.

This article is going to tell you about one of the most important section of your resume, i.e. profile summary. Given below is all that you need to know about profile summary, what it means and how to ace the craft of writing profile summary.

What is Profile Summary?

The profile summary is the first section of the resume where you put up in the uppermost section briefly highlighting your experiences and achievements that you bring to the table which makes you desirable for the position.

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Things to Keep in Mind While Writing Profile Summary

1. Be Brief

It is very important to be brief and keep it and concise as possible. An elaborately exaggerated profile summary is not going to help you in impressing your prospective employers. It is therefore advisable to be as brief as possible but do not cut short your significant points.

2. Avoid Mistakes

Since profile summary is the first thing that the panel looks at while selecting people for the said position. It wouldn’t look good on the candidate’s part to commit a grammatical or spelling mistake, remember the first impression is the last impression. You can take professional help from resume writers or apps specifically developed for this purpose.

3. Be Specific and Smart About the Things that you Mention

It is very important to pay special attention to the achievements and experiences that you are going to mention in the profile summary given that you have restrictions on the word limit. Listing all of your specifications can make the reader bored and disinterested which clearly doesn’t going to work out in your favor.

Mention things which are relevant to the position you are applying for. If you are lacking things to mention then you can resort to miscellaneous details and link them to showcase qualities such as leadership, patience and teamwork.

4. Sound Optimistic and Promising

It is very important to pay attention to the tone you are opting for. You should sound optimistic, promising and enthusiastic for the position. Most of the people do not pay attention to this point, but promising optimism and your attitude can influence the probability of getting hired.

How to Write Profile Summary in Resume for Fresher With Samples

Profile Summary Samples for Professionals

1. Accomplished and highly-organized Graphic Designer with MBA from IIM- Ahmedabad and over 10 years of professional experience managing complex projects in the financial industry. Eager to join ABC Corporations to help define design strategy, track progress against goals, and manage execution projects. At Indus Group, developed project strategy for 5 years incorporating climate change and branding together.

2. Dedicated Branch Manager with over 5 years of professional experience. Eager to join ABC Inc. to offer managerial services, identify sales opportunities, and provide exceptional service to customers and satiate branch employees.

Profile Summary Samples for Freshers

1. An enthusiastic civil engineering with MBA from IIM Kolkata looking for Product Management role in Bharat Industries limited. Experienced product management and sales industries from various internships at Google and PayPal, looking forward to working with Indian companies.

2. Goal-oriented Content Development Head with 2 years of internship experience. Seeking to use proven telesales skills to raise customer satisfaction at Triple-P Components. Received 98% favourable customer review scores at Gibbs-Attalla Electronics. Customer retention for repeat clients was 35% above facility average. At Chrisberry communications, received Employee of the Month Award 4x.

3. Hard-working entry-level software engineer. Focused on providing programming excellence at VBL Groups. Have completed 6 freelance projects, including a working e-commerce site that sells hats and t-shirts. One of my CAD applications was written up favourably in the Hyphenprogs blog. Active member, NHK Forum. 3rd place, FGHi Coding Competition.

4. Voracious full-stack web developer with 2+ years of experience and proven leadership and development skills. Looking to deliver development excellence at Skyware Developers. Received a WepD Award in 2017 for a client site. Increased user experience scores by 27% at Ramphose Inc. At NKL Inc., raised customer satisfaction scores 41%. Commended 3x by management for speed of completion.

5. Dedicated Software Developer professional with 2+ years of experience and high-level hardware maintenance skills. Looking to improve technical efficiency at Devel Web Incl.. At Datson Global, upgraded 150+ employee machines to Windows 10. Came in 25% under budget and was 100% HIPAA compliant.

6. Enthusiastic chemical science specialist. Seeking to use proven coding skills to deliver efficient development solutions as an intern at Johnsons and Johnsons. Built 5 serums and tested 45 cosmetic products with 98% customer satisfaction. Developed a mobile web app to ease the sales of company with 40,000 monthly visitors with 100% adherence to customer specifications.

7. Driven student social media specialist, seeking to enhance Baylor University’s student body with developing leadership skills. Founded and ran an online fundraising non-profit that raised $18,000 for ovarian cancer research. High school running team captain. Maintained 4.0 average in English and mathematics.

8. Soft spoken and patient call centre specialist with 4+ years of experience. Seeking to use expert customer support and telesales skills to provide sales excellence at KMPH. Received Gold-Star Service Award at Skyth Tech Call Centre for leading a team of 20 to 25% more sales revenue with 25% more dials than prior year

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