13 Best Jobs for the Future in India

In a scenario where the entire world is in lockdown, and people are confined to their homes, the existing dynamics of in-demand jobs have significantly changed. Even though all sectors will resume sooner or later, in a post-pandemic situation, some professions will most likely thrive more than the others. Hence, below listed are some best jobs for the future world.

1. Digital Marketing Professionals

In the present condition, taking up digital marketing as a career is a smart option because of the rising demand in online marketing or e-commerce. Due to the introduction of the internet in buying and selling or e-business, the demand for digital marketers has increased.

Mainly requires a knowledge of e-commerce and marketing, which can be acquired by respective courses.

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2. General And Operational Managers

The main job of a general and operations manager is to look after the budget, finance, and operational requirements of the organisation and meet its goals. It is a suitable career option because it has comparatively less competition as it requires patience, time, and effort.

As the organisational goals are different for different companies, the least criteria for the job is a Bachelor’s degree. This job pays off quite well with experience.

3. Chartered Accountant

This is one of the most versatile career options because being a chartered accountant opens up the path for many other job perspectives, like, opening a firm of its own, banking, stockbrokers, head of auditing companies, executor of will, can be a consultant at an investment management company.

With so many job advantages and opportunities, the degree of CA requires a robust knowledge and base in accountancy and proper course for it ( e.g., B.Com ) and needs to crack certain examinations to achieve the degree.

4. Economist

In the education culture Economics as a subject is introduced in school standards of 10th, but to pursue further knowledge and degree about it, the board exam marks for the particular and related subjects need to be good.

The job of an Economist is to do research, surveys, and studies on the present situation of the economy in different scales depending on various factors. It is a pretty exciting job as this post provides very well opportunities in the public and private sectors. It also provides the individual the liberty of carrying out their research.

5. Banking

There are two different sectors for banking the public or government and the private. For the gov. sector, the BSRB ( Banking Service Recruitment Board ) plays an essential role in the examination procedure results of the applicant and all the selection processes. But in private banks, it is slightly different because recruitment is done directly by the respective bank based on their criteria.

One of the advantages of banking as a career is the salary is pretty high, and the banker gets certain opportunities and perquisites.

6. Financial Analyst

Considering the current situation, there is a high demand for financial analysts in organisations, businesses, and even personal financing. Because of the ongoing state of the economy, an opinion from professionals and experts is always useful, and this can be perfectly done by a financial analyst.

To pick up this as a career, one needs to have a degree in Finance and have a knowledge of the current budget, economy, and certain legal norms. The job pays off really well as financial analysts are responsible for the full outcome result of a successful business.

7. Tech Specialists

In the uprising demand for online support in almost all professions, software engineers have developed specially designed applications to meet the demand of these particular job perspectives. With this comes the duty of the Technical Specialists to look after the best usage of the applications and the security of the user as well as the developer.

The background of a tech specialist requires a lot of experience and high knowledge of the content.

8. Data Analysts

The explosion of knowledge has rendered it impossible for companies to monitor and track their records. With the introduction of the internet, it is still challenging for major organisations to make use of the knowledge accessible. Data scientists would also, in turn, be in fierce competition. The analyst’s job is to find trends in the data and present it in a relevant, understandable manner.

9. Cyber Security Analyst

An information protection specialist assists in compliance policies and monitoring in preparing, enforcing, and updating. They monitor security access regularly and conduct internal and external security audits to ensure there are no loopholes or evidence of security lapses. A cybersecurity analyst is also responsible for conducting vulnerability tests, risk analyses, and safety assessments, as well as network management. The analyst teaches fellow staff in health training and practices compared to other duties, and they are mindful of the main strategies to be implemented to prevent data theft.

A cybersecurity analyst starts with a pay scale in lakhs.

10. Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)

First, the two most advantages of this job are the rank and the salary; both are commendable. The CISO is collaborating with the personnel to define, create, enforce, and manage procedures around the enterprise and ensure no violations of protection. They respond to accidents and develop adequate protocols and controls to minimize safety threats without triggering a business disruption. You are also responsible for monitoring the organisation’s execution of compliance protocols and procedures.

11. Registered Nurse

Due to an elderly population, nursing occupations are among the most rising technical sectors in the sector. Nursing will continue to be an extremely competitive profession in the future and would have more than 2 million workers in the industry. This is projected the number of workers would remain steady in the long term.

12. Bio-medical Engineer

Biomedical engineering is a relatively new job which has attracted considerable attention recently. These engineers are creating medical devices that can assist doctors and physicians in their daily activities. A few instances of their imaginative inventions include artificial limbs, body replacements, and biomedical accessories.

13. Rehabilitation Counselor

Rehabilitation practitioners support depressed individuals to meet their aspirations by supplying them with counseling resources. In this new age, major companies and departments with human resources are increasingly searching for consultants who will work to educate their employees about how to handle their life without wasting so much energy on the social network to online channels. Certified recovery practitioners are also in demand through psychotherapy, as the practice is projected to rise more than 15 percent over the next two or four years.

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