Employee Induction – An HR’s guide to successful employee Onboarding

Do you remember the day, when you toddled to the doorstep of the kindergarten and was endorsed in complete vacuousness?  You feel how awkward, insecure, and bland one can experience. The same sort of feeling is felt at every new stage, new place, or with a new relationship of life. That is why a friendly and relaxing introduction or say a quick warm-up is essential. In this article, we would be discussing Employee Induction or Employee Orientation.

Employee Induction is the initial step of anyone’s corporate life which involves a warm welcome, introduction of employees among themselves, organizing savoring food, and preparing them for their respective roles. The company’s culture, important personalities like the HR team, VPs, Directing Head, etc are introduced, along with the pathways and of the company building.

A prosperous Employee Induction process provides a chance for the organizations to easily sell themselves to the new employees or can say a quick show-off( sometimes), and if went smooth, then can significantly increase the retention of staff, become the WOW brand, and reduces the time for a new employee to settle and feel cozy into the new working environment.

Employee Induction is similar to an event, so simply figure out all the requirements and necessities of it, in an Employee Induction checklist


Employee Induction

As it would be someone’s most awaited day with spice and salt of excitement and clumsiness both, so through every way it has to be made perfect and a memorable one. So here is a list of certain points to retain while organizing one good induction program


What to include in an Employee Induction

  1. The company ethics, culture, history, products and services, and the working culture’s essence should be themed on the first day.
  2. The significance of the job role along with the candidate’s potential should be well explained.
  3. The infrastructure of the company, a guiding map, its departments, and the other utility corners should be guided.
  4. The Employee’s future department along with his or her desk must be introduced with a broad welcoming smile.
  5. The rules and regulations, objectives, practices along with the Personnel policy should be mentioned.
  6. Working hours, vacation policies, overtime, safety measures, leisure hours, reporting format, etc should be well- explained.
  7. Social benefits, other brand associations, recreation services, and the quality and quantity of clients the company hold.
  8. Opportunities, salary hikes, promotions, transfers, suggestion schemes, and job satisfaction should be channeled there itself, with the introduction of all the major senior bosses of the company.

Who hosts Employee Induction?

Generally, it is done by the senior post holders of a firm, especially the HRM department, if someday they feel that it has to be done by some other team then the best responsibility taken will be the new employees superior. For example, the technical department may inform them about their desks and cabins, the operational team of the employment contracts, etc. This way can relax the new employee because they will be making a new friend, getting indulged ion the company along with participating in social connections. The hosting of the induction should not be restricted by certain parameters or a department, whomsoever wants to participate should be involved and make it a better one. They will then perhaps make it their responsibility for ensuring that the new employee integrates into the company with the best balance of everything+.


Objectives of an Employee Induction

See if something has to be done, then let us do it in a better way, do get associated with some of the objectives, to maintain the consistency of efforts. Some of the possible objectives might be –

    • Creating a positive atmosphere and spreading good vibes to give a comfortable environment to the newbies.
    • Addressing the entire team and giving them space to interact with their fellow mates too.
    • Increasing comfort and the feeling of belongingness, by sharing their experience of their first day.
    • Imparting vital information with them to befriend them with the corporate culture, firm’s policies and procedures, and the infrastructure.
    • Sharing the ethics and values of the organization with furthermore job-specific information.

I do not see any harm in creating a congenial and happy environment for the future team. The freshers are onboarded and from tomorrow would be called today’s fellow team. For that, they need to undergo all the internal details of the company, its procedure, the training, seniors with a relaxed mindset. Any negligence with the thought of a denial of induction or orientation might land the company with high labor turnover, misconceptions & confusion, and costing their pockets and clock both.


Employee Onboarding Best practices

The below examples are some of the tried and passed tips for you to implement in your cases.

  1. Welcome them with some gifts, followed with a social gathering, and then closed with a brisk high tea or something.
  2. After the entire content delivery is over, give them a space to raise their questions and hence a chance to come in the notice.
  3. Indulge them in certain activities, so that there are certain chances for interaction among them.
  4. Being more precise about corporate planning, one might even plan a schedule for the upcoming week or the first 15 days or so.
  5. Never ever try to exaggerate anything. It will create a bad impression.

To conclude I would like to say that, celebrating certain days is considered to be good, and starting an important phase of life with positivity will yield higher benefits. On keeping the employees happy, it will create homely behavior welcoming threaded benefits.

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