Do’s and Don’ts of Group Discussion

The recruitment process is one of the first and possibly the most intimidating process of bagging a job at any organization belonging to any sector. The process is long and challenging and seems daunting for a newcomer. It is equally elaborate for the organization as well since conducting the entire process is a lengthy task. Finding potential recruits, arranging logistics as well as panels for the interview, making sure the interview is fair and just, conducting group discussions and following back with processed results is no easy job. 

It takes time, effort and a whole lot of other resources to compile a set of questions which may assess the candidates in an overall manner. Judging the capabilities of these candidates based on half an hour interaction is not an easy task as well. The organization needs to recruit the best promising candidate as much as the candidate needs the job. We can say that it is a mutual negotiation between recruit and recruiter.

One of the few steps of the entire process of recruitment is called group discussion. Group discussion might sound a simple process, as denoted by the name but it too crucial to be taken lightly. As a candidate applying for a job, the way you present yourself at the Group Discussion amongst all the other peer members can determine whether you will be trusted with the opportunity or not. Therefore, it becomes essential to know the dos and don’ts of a group discussion. But before that, it would help to understand why group discussions are considered essential and on what basis the organization is going to assess your performance.

Why are Group Discussions Important?

Group discussions are first and foremost important to judge how you conduct yourself amongst other peers. Your basic skills and knowledge about the specific sphere are already assessed in the interview, which few organizations may conduct while others may conduct after the group discussion. In the group discussion, you have to present yourself, your knowledge of your experience while sitting in between like-minded individuals who might be your future colleagues and competing individuals.

It is going to depict whether you have the knack of working with peers. Whether you showcase mutual respect, accommodate a various point of view and how do you amicably present your own opinion, especially when it is contradictory.

It shows your compatibility, accommodating capacity and ability to create a dialogue when confronted with a polarizing point of views. The organization needs a candidate who could portray all of these characteristics and help the organization in growing both in terms of quality and quantity.

Do’s of Group Discussion

Do's and Don'ts of Group Discussion

1. Introduce yourself before making your first point

Group discussions are generally a process where you would have to speak time and again. You might need to take stands and present convincing arguments. So, before making your first statement, politely introduce yourself to your group and panelists. It will help the panelists as well as your peers to interact with you or refer to your point quickly. Do give an elaborate introduction, kindly mention your name and background in two sentences without taking much time.

2. Formulate an opinion in your mind before speaking

When you venture into speaking about a particular issue without giving it a good thought, it is sure that you might lose track of the argument or even mumble and fumble for words. It is better to give yourself some time to think about it, form an opinion and formulate that opinion in witty words. Remember, the first impression that you create is going to matter.

3. Allow others to speak

One of the critical characteristic to show that you are accommodating and readily listening person is by giving other members a chance to speak. It is most important to keep in mind that you don’t interrupt when someone else is speaking. If you don’t understand or agree with something, you need to keep patience and speak up when others have finished speaking.

4. Be Assertive about your opinion but stay calm

Group discussions involve a lot of people together speaking on a single subject. The time is also limited, which makes people easily cut other’s point in between which is not a good trait, as said earlier. You need to be assertive but not lose your calm since it might cost you a few good points.

5. Speak up. Don’t hesitate

When a group discussion is taking place, extroverts will likely dominate the conversation. In such scenarios, it becomes difficult for introverts to speak up. People who struggle with imposter syndrome or under-confidence might also face difficulties. It is very important, therefore, to pay special attention to the conversation and speak up whenever you feel comfortable. Don’t rush but also don’t let the opportunity pass. Speak less but make your presence felt.

Don’ts of Group Discussion

1. Don’t be argumentative

Since group discussions are generally a place where a lot of diverse opinions come together, there lies a high probability that these might breed arguments and unhealthy interpersonal debate between people. Therefore, it is important to keep in mind that the discussion shouldn’t end up as an argument.

2. Don’t let the discussion see the hegemonised conversation

Discussions can easily be hegemonised by a handful of people if equal chances to speak are not provided to everyone. This not at all reflects well upon people who are trying to create the hegemony. There remains a healthy way to put forward your opinions in an amicable manner, follow that course.

3. Refrain from making personal comments

Personal comments made while arguing in a professional sphere seems highly unprofessional as well as disrespectful. It would look a lot more professional if you could keep personal out of professional and move along the subject-specific discourse to sustain the credibility of the group discussion.

Dos and don’ts of group discussion don’t stop at mere bullet points, but as long as you are patient, optimistic and respectful, you are good to go and ace the GD!

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