Groupism in Office – Causes, Effects & Remedies

We, humans, tend to settle with the same frequency people, and when these similar set of interest drives these people, it gives birth to a concept called group or a Community( in social scenarios). Yes being in groups and supporting each other, taking care, understanding, tuning well with each other is a good thing, but if done in access then leads to destruction. One should not sell their grandmother for petty things. It means one should not convert that friendliness to bad habits of staying in the same belief, being inflexible, or having false feelings for others. This kind of groupism is seen in almost every sector of society.

Groupism in Office

It is about favouring the closed ones, buttering the powerful, or fulfilling one’s mean for influencing people. This is often used as a strategy to discriminate against people for their own personal, professional, or social welfare. In the long run, this practice undervalues real talent, being pessimistic, and demotivates hardworking fellas.

Moreover, this adds depression, mental stress, doomed feeling, and a lack of charm in a person. It is often seen that at workplaces, these kinds of practices are prevalent either to flatter higher position holders or to satisfy personal needs or motives. That is why it should be regulated by the HRs of the firm, to manage these malpractices, to save the reputation and fuel growth of the company. 

For example, nepotism in Bollywood, a community in social gatherings, corporate groupism, ethnicity belief, etc. Today we will be discussing Groupism from a certain depth. 

Office Politics

It is as simple as messing around, gossiping, or spreading rumours. According to an Accountemps survey – it says, 46% of employees voted that office politics behaviour is seen most often in their companies. The reason behind these practices is found to be gaining favour by flattering the boss, snatching others’ credit, wrecking co-workers’ projects, or demotivating a person. When this drama takes root in any organization, eventually a decline in firms’ productivity is seen, less engagement of workers, halfhearted participation, and uneasy feeling to share ideas. This creates a lot of problems for the company CEOs, business owners, or the management department. So it is a heartfelt request to the employees for not creating this, and if felt at any corner of the company, then they should stay away from it and if needed or desired should be reported to an appropriate authority.

Causes of Groupism

To detect the origin of any cause is very important, to treat it effectively and quickly. Some of the causes are-

  • Showing superiority– Many a time, out of habit or to get a feeling of very acknowledged and reputed person, a person ends up bragging about his/ her qualities or deeds and tends to create a particular group. And not to forget, that person feels very safe and comfortable in that group.
  • Intending on someone to quit their job– This kind of groupism is practised out of ill feelings and disrespect for someone. Here a certain set of people/a person is intentionally hurt out of no unforeseen reasons. 
  • Buttering of a senior– To be ‘an eye candy’ of a boss’/senior someone overdoes, shows up frequently, or brags about his/her work to be in good books of a senior, to quickly gain a promotion, good appraisal or some other incentives. 
  • Lack of mutual communication– This is a hidden devil, which needs proper care, and the only remedy for it seen so far is – Employee Engagement. To avoid misconceptions, misunderstandings, and false feelings in the team, a good channel of communication should be built.
  • Inflexible to modify a good build notion– There are always a few people present everywhere who belongs to the category of – “What I have said is correct !”, “No! Sorry I do not want to listen to you and understand your point.” or “I’ll strongly stick to my point, no matter whatsoever happens.” Beware of these people as there is no found solution to these kinds of mentalities yet. 

Effects of Groupism

Groupism adversely affects organisations in various ways like

  • A loss of talent
  • A gradual increase in Lawsuit risk
  • A demotivated and negative environment
  • A big unhealthy challenge for the newbies
  • A downfall in the firm’s productivity
  • Degraded Employee morale
  • Unwanted and unknown conflicts 

Remedies to Groupism

As this activity can not be seen clearly but can be predicted only through actions and the company’s result. So this must be dealt with mutual coordination of a company and employee both.

  • For an Employee– To be an asset to a society or a firm, follow certain rules in life-
    • Behave with strict Professionalism. Please!
    • Avoid your emotions to control you at the workplace.
    • Distance yourself from unhealthy discussions, gossips, or a rumour spreading channel.
    • Avoid misconceptions, but being in regular touch with a trusted senior.
    • Your end goal should be quality performance and productive team spirit. 
  • For Company Heads– Wanting better results from the workforce they may practice-
    • Make Strict laws, rules, and regulations
    • Strict professional environment
    • Offering equal and appropriate opportunities to each individual
    • Trying to keep as many things as possible in the documented format.
    • Organizing certain informal meetups or parties


See there is a very clear understanding of it because one might lie to an individual, but not to thyself. One would have a clear understanding and feeling that they are on the wrong path or doing wrong. So kindly undo all the previous tasks done and do not repeat them in the future. It will be good for an individual and a company or a society as a whole. Before groupism takes up its strong roots alike caste and creed or gender inequality as in India, it is high time for us to understand its drawbacks and uproot it immediately from our surrounding environment.


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