7 Best Internship Websites in India 2021

It is seen that experience count when it comes to recruitment. There are many students hailing from various educational backgrounds setting out together and work as an intern in some organization in India. This helps them to boost their growing career just by getting real-time experience on how the company functions.

The internship offers a wonderful opportunity for the students to get real exposure and experience over how organizations or companies work. No matter if you are a college student or working professional looking for an internship opportunity, we will help you find the right internship platforms. Check out this top internship website in India:

7 Best Internship Websites in India

1. Internshala

Internships using internshala.com Find internship using internshala

On the top of our list is Internshala and it is one of the Biggest Internship websites in India working on a goal to equip college students and working women with the relevant skills & exposure by offering internships. Students may select companies for internships just by filtering out the category, Form of work, Location, and Duration.

Various companies right from the startups to Multinational companies list out work opportunities on Internshala. With the internship opportunities, Internshala offers online training programs and courses for the students.


Apply to Internships via letsintern

This is one amazing platform that students may use to get the best possible services. The website exposes the students to some best internships from many large organizations like Emerson, Tencent Game, The Indian Express, Myntra, PVR Cinemas, Comic Con India, Big Basket, and other organizations. It’s simple to register on this site as students have to fill out their registration popup form.

Even organizations will have to register similarly but they will need to opt for an employer column. The website offers internships in a wide range of domains and also post tips on the blog to educate the students about their internship process in a much better way. It is one of the best internship sites after Internshala

3. LinkedIn

Apply to internships via LinkedIn.com

Most of the students reading this article will be confused that why we have mentioned LinkedIn over here in the list though this has got nothing doing with internships. Although this site is popular like Internshala its popularity is for a different reason. The website is quite popular for the professional community where employers post to hire some employees. But, to your surprise, the website has a separate student section that offers internship opportunities for a lot of students and it is the only reason to mention this website here.

4. Twenty19

Another amazing platform that students must definitely give one try is Twenty19; they bring students & companies together on one single platform for various projects, volunteering opportunities, internships, and more. The platform also offers a wonderful opportunity for the students to get their personal profiles that they share with the corporate companies to choose from. With this, they will improve the intern’s quality of the company.

The portal is totally free of cost to apply for the students and colleges. The best part about Twenty19 is that even colleges can list their events. Twenty19 has started with their online training courses for the students to enhance their skills.

5. Hello Intern

Apply to internships via hellointern.com

Another amazing platform on our list is Hello Intern; it is one best platform that is regarded as a global internship expert. The website allows the students to go for different internships with companies, non-profit organizations, and startups. Some major opportunities that are offered by the website include Vivo, Titan, Decathlon, Citrus, Zee Media, and other companies. There’s also an interesting global internship that is offered by the platform.

Getting internships will range from different domains and fields. There are a lot of training programs that one may enroll in and learn new topics and skills. At present, there is the summer internship plan going on. To start the internship search on the platform you only need to sign up & begin looking for the right internship.


Apply to internships via oysterconnect

Next comes Oyster Connect and it is one best destination to apply for virtual internships. This website has got amazing listing opportunities that other websites don’t have. This internship site has set aside the traditional conventional technique of hiring interns & believes in the crowdsourcing model. The website is quite amazing and can’t be explained in words. Thus, do not long, and give it one try now. On this website, you will get a lot of opportunities even though you do not know SEO and Content writing.

7. stuMagz Platform

If you’re the student, alumni, or fresher looking for career opportunities, from the full-time employment to internships, the stuMagz platform is the right place for you. You will find many opportunities and also apply for the desired one from different kinds of tech & nontech opportunities.

Wrap Up

So, here is the list of top 10 internship sites in India, make sure you register to at least three to four sites to improve your chances of getting hired by a good company. The sites mentioned here will examine and verify companies and positions that they would like to advertise on the website. So, what are you waiting for start your career by choosing the right internship in your field and interest?

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