11 Best Jobs for Women in India 2021

Jobs are undoubtedly one of the most important aspects of any person’s life. All those years of schools, hundreds of books, all-nighters for preparation for exams, and then anxiously waiting for the results. So much of labour, done for what? For securing a stable, well-off job that can fend your and family’s needs, provide you with all the amenities that you oh-so-crazily desire and your dream life. Having a job offers a sense of accomplishment, the freedom to make decisions and live life on their terms. 

Everyone must have the right to choose what profession they want to enter and make a career in. Be it a man or a woman; your gender should not come in the way of your career progression. Gone are the days when females were only allowed to descend upon a specific career path, and the other jobs were touted as more “suitable for a man.” Especially in this age and generation, when women are giving a tough competition to everyone in every field imaginable, be it being managers or running for the Presidents, women can do them all! 

Working in the tech-driven industry, managing director of a company, serving in the Indian navy to representing India in sports at a national level, you name it, and women have got it covered. Curated below is the list of best jobs that any woman can pursue in India and build a fantastic career out of it!


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11 Best Jobs for Women in India

1. Teaching Profession

Women have naturally been considered nurturing, able to understand a child’s needs better than a man, and can guide a young blooming flower in a much better way than anyone else. So, teaching still claims the number one spot as the best jobs for women. The teaching profession also provides different routes for giving knowledge. Apart from being the traditional classroom faculty and home tuitions, growth in the digital sector has also opened the option of offering e-learning from the comforts of their homes. Apart from parents, teachers are the ones who touch a child’s heart, and a caring, soft, tender natured woman is the best suited for this job.

2. Hospitality Jobs

Women are inadvertently associated with glamour. Hospitality is an indispensable part of most services, and with the growing service sector in India, the hospitality sector is expanding, which opens up job opportunities for women. Communication skills are the essential skills required to be a hospitality staff. Women tend to possess them naturally, thus making this career a suitable one for them. Be it an air hostess or a receptionist at a five-star hotel, this sector is booming, and so is the number of jobs associated with it.

3. Medical Field

One of the noblest professions considered, women are the perfect fit for the medical sector. Evolution turned women into natural care-givers, and it goes perfectly with the medical profession. Though it does require years of dedication and higher studies, a medical profession is a fulfilling one. Gynecologists and nurses are the two careers where there is a strict demand for females only. The medical profession does provide a stable job, which makes it so popular for females.

4. Entertainment Industry

Everyone knows, the entertainment industry is a diva’s job. And who can be a greater diva than a woman who was born with the attitude to slay? Indian Bollywood industry is one of the biggest entertainment industries in the world, which serves as a huge job provider. Not just acting, there are other professions like anchoring, modelling, dancing stylists, cinematographers, and many more. The entertainment industry is one of the most sought-after industries in India, where millions of girls dream of being a part of and thus secure a household presence. With the right talent, you are born to make it big there, girl!

5. Human Resource Manager

Take a moment and think. Is or was your HR manager a woman? Yes? That is because human resource is a sector that is currently dominated by women. Most of the organisations today prefer to hire a female for this job because of the great inherent interpersonal skills and the ability to listen, understand, and provide a solution to the problem, belongs to women. HRs are one of the most valuable assets of the company, and thus the firm desires to fill this post with someone who can do justice to the job, and most of the women perfectly fit the shoe.

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6. Media and Journalism

Again, excellent communication skills are a great advantage for all women. The poise, the grace required to be present in front of a camera and collect and present it on the television, to some women, this skill comes naturally. The field which provides you with the right to exercise your creative part of the brain and satisfy your imagination this sector can be checked out for sure.

7. Finance and Banking

One of the few sectors, which clearly shows that women can do anything when they set their mind on something. A male-dominated sector for a long time, women are slowly making progress here as well. This profession requires a lot of people management skills and patience. A booming sector now, women with excellent customer handling skills and knowledge of the industry can make it big in this domain for sure. Arundhati Bhattacharya, Chanda Kochhar, Indira Nooyi are some Indian women who have set the example in the field of finance.

8. Sports

Though a common notion that sports are a field for men, current generation women have broken all barriers and made headlines with their outstanding performance in the sports industry. P.V. Sindhu, Mary Kom, Mithila Raj, Dipa Karmakar, Hima Das, Geeta Phogat, the names are endless. From being the youngest Indian ever to win a medal in the Olympics to becoming World Amateur Boxing champion for a record of 6 times to the first Indian to win a gold medal at the IAAF World U20 championships, these women have done it all. A highly lucrative career option, which can be pursued if interested in the field of sports.

9. Designing

Be it fashion designing, jewellery, or interior, women have been flourishing in almost every field. Women tend to excel in this field more because if their natural exposure to these fields. From creating your showrooms to working under a professional and enhancing your skills, this domain offers many options to capitalize on your interest. 

10. Beauty and Cosmetics

It is not a hidden fact that the skill of makeup is something that all the females proudly hone. Turning something that you love doing into a full-fledged career option, isn’t it great? There are various beauty schools where you can earn a degree as a beautician and start practicing as a beauty therapist. Setting up your beauty salon with multiple services to offer, you can go strong in the game. 

11. Fitness Sector

A booming sector, with more and more individuals going fitness crazy, this sector provides a lot of job opportunities. Any fitness-loving female can have a great career in this domain. Online fitness related videos are in trend nowadays and are becoming very popular in today’s era. Aerobics, Zumba, yoga, core work-out, and many options available for you to try out our fitness calling!

Women today dream bigger and also has the zeal to fight for equal rights. In no sense do they consider themselves less than their male counterparts? And why should they? There is nothing in today’s generation that a man can do, and a woman cannot. Many are breaking this glass ceiling and setting new examples and benchmarks every day. Woman today has the same capability, maybe even more, to be the financial support of their family. Just believe in yourself, and you can achieve the world, girl!

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