Recruitment Agencies can grow faster with Zigsaw

Are you a Recruitment Agency that aspires to find more clients, increase speed for candidate research, create content for Job-seekers & employers to connect, Manage Social Media

Generate Sales Leads

Our team has expertise in using LinkedIn Sales Navigator and we can generate the first leads for your Recruitment Business. After qualifying leads, we can pass the qualified leads to you to onboard

Recruitment Research

Candidate Research: Our team has extensive experience in candidate research and can you help you reach top candidates from

  • LinkedIn: Our team has expertise in using LinkedIn Recruiter to extract top profiles for you
  • Job-boards: Our team has expertise in researching relevant profiles from Job-boards such as Monster, Dice etc. and can help you reach Top relevant profiles

Why should you work with us?

  • Speed: Our speed ensures that you always stay ahead of your competition at all times
  • Quality of Profiles: Our extensive research skills ensures that you reach maximum relevant people to maximise closure rates
  • Focus: Working with us would allow you to offload most of your work to us which will allow you an enhanced quality of life and focus on your business growth


  • Effective Keyword Research: Our inhouse marketeers have extensive experience in Keyword Research and can research High Volume, Low competition, High Conversion Keywords for your business
  • Our team of content writers can write easy to understand, informative & engaging content that brings organic traffic to your site and engages your audience.
  • Social Media Management: Our inhouse marketeers can engage with your target audience online and help build your Social Media Brand apart from generate leads for your business

Virtual Assistant

Our experienced VA’s can offload most of your work starting from candidate pipeline management, email management, interview scheduling & follow-ups and managing your day-to-day tasks to ensure that you achieve so much more than you currently achieve with your day

Tie-ups for Remote Resources

India is probably the gold mine for finding quality remote resource. We can help not just you but also your clients to hire Top Remote talent from India.

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