Top 10 Recruitment Challenges in 2021

The first step in the life cycle of HR is recruitment. When a baby takes the first step in life, it seems fascinating, and it becomes the never-ending process. Same is with recruitment; this first step in the dynamics of HR is though fascinating but becomes a never-ending process. As said life is struggle and challenges are waiting at every step, similarly with recruitment. This exciting process has several hurdles in its way, but if there is no struggle, there is no progress.

Hence below listed are some major recruiting challenges.

Top 10 Recruitment Challenges

1. Reluctant to Relocate

The most common challenge while recruiting is “Homesickness” which is quite obvious as nobody wants to leave their family, friends and hometown unless they prioritize career above all or have some serious obligations. Therefore in most of the cases, it becomes almost impossible to convince the right candidates to relocate to other cities for the job opportunity recruiter is hiring for.

2. The Desire for Remote Work

This is the new talk of the town in current pandemic situation, where unemployment has reached its pinnacle, and people are exploring for a better opportunity but not willing for the in-house job due to fear factor of this contagious disease and concept of social distancing, but yet many companies are only up for the candidates who can work from the office due to need of their job type as every job can’t be done from remote. This difference of opinion between employer, recruiter and candidate has become a great struggle nowadays in the scope of recruitment.

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3. High Salary Expectations

It is a general saying if you dream big you will achieve big. So this big dream of getting the most handsome pay package is the ultimate desire for all the job doers and seekers which troubles the recruiters a lot because to fulfill this dream many times candidates place the expectation way beyond his/her worth and what the market price of their job is.

It is not problematic until the candidate is found to be intelligent and understand its worth or many times compels with a certain situation. Still, things get entangled when candidates become adamant and irrelevant in their demands and unwillingly the recruiter needs to shift their focus from one potential candidate to searching the next one.

4. Competitive Market

With every passing day market is getting more volatile and competitive. This competition and advancement are leading to improvement. Hence a good learner, trained and developed resource is high in demand within the job market. At one particular point, candidates, themselves start realising the same and understand the markets so well that his/her constant desire to prosper becomes vivid and they always try to capture the best in their sector. Hence this urge in this competitive market makes recruitment even more challenging as multiple doors are open for the best man to fit in.

5. Brand Value of the Company

Whether small or big, need of human asset is must for all so as the recruitment but general human tendency is always reluctant to associate with start-ups or small company even with those companies who are doing well but don’t have much fame in the market or also may defame due to poor work culture or less profitability, which creates insecurity in the mind of the candidate before applying and makes a vital hindrance in the recruitment.

6. Low HR Budget of the Company

It is not always the candidate or job seekers creating trouble while recruiting many times the company itself becomes its enemy in recruitment due to very poor or less HR budget. Not all the companies are open-handed to pay well to their resources or do not acknowledge the factor of the sustainable standard of living but do not compromise in the requirement of manpower too, such dualistic strategies of the company not only annoys recruitment cycle but defame themselves paying market as well.

7. Unorganized and Insufficient Recruiting Tool and Data

Recruitment then and recruitment now has sky gap difference as it has drastically changed. Modes of recruitment approach everything has undergone a complete makeover, but still many companies found using those old tools have not upgraded themselves. Their hiring is completely yet based on some existing unorganized data and has not intended to accept new digital changes like recruitment softwares, top consultancies and paid portals. Those orthodox data and methods due to non-acceptance of companies in the digital era is a considerable challenge while recruiting.

8. The difference of Opinion Between Hiring Manager and Recruiter

Generally people misconceptualized between recruiter and hiring manager. Recruiters are those who recruit as per the need of the hiring manager but hiring managers are those who need the resources to get the job done. But many times what is found is the difference of opinion in between the ideology and demand of hiring managers and recruiters as the hiring manager is only confined within his job requirement and duties and does not wish to become flexible enough as per the need of the market. Hence any such expectations and rigidness irrespective to the current market trends make recruitment even more challenging.

9. Target based Recruiting

Though being focussed and having targets are the essence of every job, but many employers don’t understand the concept that HR dynamics have to be more liberal with multiple options and they keep vague expectations and gives neck to neck targets of recruiters, such target based recruitment may help companies in fulfilling the vacant position fast but as said quick work of the devil is never a sound deal to crack which ends in the faulty selection, higher attrition and more absenteeism.

10. Existing Team/Work Culture

The last but not the least thing in the challenges of recruitment is that whatsoever efforts a recruiter may put in fulfilling the position, but things come back to square one if the existing work culture in not friendly and teammates instead nurturing or helping each other believes in pulling the new guy down and inculcates more work politics. Such negative ambiance leads to early resignation and increases the number of absconders which fails the entire recruitment process and becomes snake within the sleeves for the recruiter and team.

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