Top Recruitment Agencies in Iceland

Finding a job is not an easy task right now. One has to plan a lot and work on self to develop a skill that is required for the 

job. You may cross many career paths, but you will have to narrow it down and find the best possible career. One has to prepare a good resume, then find the target company and wait for their reply. This task appears to be easy but is a bit hefty. So, a Recruitment consultant helps job seekers in finding, applying and preparing for the Job. Because of their big network, recruiters can easily find an excellent job in no time. Every region has some recruiters, but one might not be able to decide which one to approach. This article will help in finding the best recruiters in Iceland. It is a European island country in the North Atlantic Ocean on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. Iceland is volcanically and geologically active.

The domestic economy is primarily service-based. The wholesale, retail, repair, real estate, and financial segments account for nearly 30% of all workers. About 7% work in the agriculture and fishing industries while about 9% work in manufacturing. Despite most employees working in the service industry, Iceland is a thriving producer of goods for export. Along with fish and software services, their exports include aluminium, pharmaceuticals and medical products, petroleum and Petroproducts, and food processing equipment, etc.

List of top recruitment consultancy

1. Hagvangur (Google Rating- 5.0)

Founded in 1971, Hagvangur is one of the oldest consulting companies in the country. Initially, they worked in the field of operational consulting. Later in 1976, they went on to begin recruitment services. In 1998, the company merged with the Coopers & Lybrand Auditing Center and the name PricewaterhouseCoopers was adopted. During the year 2002/2003, a turning point came when the activities that belonged to the recruitment service were sold to the current owners, Katrín S. Óladóttir, the current managing director and Þóris Á. Þorvarðarson, Chairman of the Board and Recruitment Manager of the company. From 2005, the company has systematically expanded its field of work, and the company’s consulting now covers most areas of human resource management. Hagvangur is an excellent option for any job seeker because they specialize in professional recruitment. With such a great experience of recruitment, they can quickly get you your dream job.



2. Jobs in Iceland (Google Rating- )

Their main objective is to provide the best service available to both customers and employees. They believe in measuring their success among people because their most important goal is to ensure that employees are happy and content during their work and stay in Iceland. Moreover, this is the kind of support every job seeker needs.



3. Job (Google Rating- )

Job connects companies and individuals in a simple, fast and convenient way. Individuals can find the dream job at the dream company through Job. It’s effortless to sign up. One can keep track of everything related to applications and the company’s response to them.


4. Swapp Agency (Google Rating- 5.0)

Swapp Agency is located in Reykjavik, Iceland. Founded by two entrepreneurs in 2016, they aim to help individuals find a job in Iceland and also match companies with great staff that suits their requirements and needs. Swapp Agency has grown and adapted alongside the evolution of the market and now provides services to job seekers all over the world. 



With a high standard of living, Iceland proves to be good for local people who can afford the expenses. 

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