50 Group Discussion Topics for Interview

Recruitment and the entire process that is built around it is daunting in many ways, not just for the candidate who is seeking a job but also the organizations that need the perfect candidate to join them with their given resources. An organization and people who have bestowed the opportunity to run the interviews and group discussion have to assess many qualities at once and within a limited time frame and resources. It is important to hire the perfect candidate because it will be profitable, a long term investment and surely work according to the company’s interest.

An ordinary round of selection these days involves group discussions and interviews taken together to check the compatibility and skillsets of the potential candidates. Interviews have always been simpler to execute and manage since they have been longer in the game and also dealing with one individual at a time. Group discussions, on the other hand, remain a complicated and complex process for many. To assess a large number of people at once, to check and assess their knowledge of the concerned field, to check the quality as well as the accuracy of the arguments presented as well as assess persona attributes such as compatibility to work in teams, accommodation to contrary viewpoints and general behavior with fellow peers.

Here’s is a curated list of tips to ace the group discussion both as a candidate and as an organization with hundred topics to practice with. But first, we need to understand how a group discussion works.

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Procedure for a Smooth Group Discussion and Other Tips for The Organizers

The group discussion generally begins with all the candidates seated in a hall, often facing each other to make the communication more effective. The hall chosen for the meeting is usually disturbance free so that every word spoken is loud and clear as a crystal.

The organizers, i.e., the company that is hiring, sends a team of professionals who are there to represent the organizers as well as assess them. They begin the group discussion as soon as everyone is seated. The organizers first need to introduce themselves and ask all the individuals to introduce themselves, too, to ease the assessment for the panel. Once everyone is familiar to everyone, the tension eases, and this familiarity helps candidates be a bit more confident.

The topics are already chosen by the organization and need to be dealt with one at a time strictly to prevent confusion. The time slots for every topic must be decided beforehand to maintain decorum and prevent the discussion from swaying away from the given discourse. The organizers need to be mindful that all candidates must be provided with fair speaking time, and the discussion should not be dominated by a few voices. If any such thing happens, they need to interrupt and assess the candidate according to their discerned behavior. Assessment can be quite tricky, and therefore, the panel needs to be carefully chosen.

List of Group Discussion Topics for Interview

Group Discussion Topics for Interview

  1. Impact of Covid19 Pandemic on the global economy
  2. Impact of COVID19 Pandemic on Indian Economy
  3. How can the Indian Economy Rejuvenate from the pandemic induced recession?
  4. How is the educational sector impacted by the pandemic?
  5. How is the startup sector impacted by the pandemic?
  6. What are the long term impacts of Covid19?
  7. How have digital communications navigated and bolstered communication during the Covid19 Pandemic?
  8. How have the health related startups responded to the pandemic?
  9. What policies should be adopted by authorities in the distribution of the Covid19 vaccine?
  10. What do you think gender equality has been impacted by the Covid19 pandemic?
  11. What the class of 2020 need realizes with regard to the recession, employment, and pandemic?
  12. What do you think the new normal is going to look like in workplaces?
  13. How has work from home impacted productivity?
  14. What were the limitations of work from home strategy?
  15. Do you think work from home can be adopted in the post COVID world to make the professional work environment more inclusive?
  16. What, according to all of you, is rejuvenation after the recession is going to look like?
  17. What, according to you, are the problems that children faced in the COVID induced lockdown?
  18. What were the different ways in which people tried to find sanity?
  19. How did the social sector respond to the pandemic induced crisis?
  20. How will textbooks remember Covid 19 pandemic?
  21. Women at the workplace: how to make it more inclusive
  22. How can diversity and inclusivity needs to be maintained
  23. How do international politics affect cross border trade?
  24. Migration and work-force
  25. How is brain drain affecting the Indian economy?
  26. How is overseas work migration impacting demography?
  27. How can cross border trade strengthen diplomatic relations?
  28. How have internships impacted the job market?
  29. What securities should interns enjoy?
  30. Do internships need to be paid?
  31. What policies do you think Indian Startups should adopt to maintain an all-inclusive workspace?
  32. How can women in leadership roles bolster the gender parity ratio?
  33. What are the areas in which the social and corporate sectors come together?
  34. What is the role of an organization in maintaining the mental well-being of its employees?
  35. How can workplaces be more sensitive towards the mental health of employees?
  36. How can organizations maintain the sense of social responsibility of the employees?
  37. How can businesses capitalize on social media platforms?
  38. How has business engagement changed with social media campaigns?
  39. What steps can organizations need to take to decrease plastic consumption?
  40. How can healthy work environments be created in organizations?
  41. What positive impacts can co-curricular activities at the workplace ensure/
  42. How can workplaces be more sensitive towards animal rights?
  43. What are the boundaries of healthy workplace banter amongst colleagues?
  44. What can be done to ensure a sense of security is enjoyed by minorities in the workplace?
  45. Engagement of businesses with media?
  46. What can be done to ensure proper customer redressed?
  47. How can the entertainment industry and startups collaborate?
  48. Influence of Pubg on society?
  49. How has content creation as an industry emerged with the internet and social media?
  50. Internet censorship: good or bad?

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