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Success is to know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

There are 3 crore Job-seekers and 30 Lakh jobs in India. As ironical as it may sound, there is not a single platform to connect them without If’s and but’s. I intend to

  1. Build the largest platform to curate all available Jobs in India. This will ensure that every deserving candidate is able to find the right Job.
  2. Build an open community where employers can post Jobs for FREE and Job-seekers can apply for Jobs without any charge.
  3. Enable entrepreneurs to hire talent in an easy & effecient process to help them successfully build their dreams.

Hi friends, I am Vaibhav from Zigsaw. I come from a middle class family and both my parents are retired teachers. I have always been taught to study hard so that I can have a secure Job. Things were going as planned and I tried to live upto my parents expectations. But things changed in 2008, when I got admitted to an alma mater that contributes 20 lakh Crore to the nations economy. Things changed when I got admitted to an IIT where on an average each graduate creates 100 Jobs in the country. Yes, when I graduated in 2012; I did not only want to only make it big for myself; I wanted to be a change maker in the society. I wanted to add value to the society. And Zigsaw is my contribution to make that small change in the society. I intend to hire interns for Zigsaw and I want people who could share my dream of creating an open community to connect Job-seekers with employers without ifs and buts and do so on volunteering basis.

We have been working in Udaipur from the last 2 years and let me share some numbers from Udaipur. Lets say, X is the biggest recruitment portal of India

  1. It is 35 times more likely to find the right talent in Udaipur through us, than through X.
  2. While X would have approx ~60 Jobs from Employers (recruiters excluded) in Udaipur, we have 250+ live Jobs at Zigsaw. Hence, it is 4 times more likely for Job-seekers for find their dream Job through Zigsaw, than through X
  3. While posting Job on X takes 1650 Rs./post, posting Job on is FREE
  4. Our fb group( had 12.5k active members in the last 28 days (source:Facebook Group insights)

I want to replicate this over 100 cities in the next 6 months and I am looking to 250 interns to do so with me.

Internship Profiles

  1. Social Media Marketing (Work from Home)
  2. Client Relationship Executive

Internship Location: Work from Home

Work-timing: As & when, it suits you

Why intern with us? 

1 year from now, when you sit for an interview in your dream company, what would make you stand out?  We give you this opportunity to build your profile for what most employers look for. We give you this opportunity to outshine everybody else in your next interview, be it Job or further studies. We give you this opportunity to learn now what other learn with years of experience. We give you this opportunity to change your career forever. Here’s your chance do the real job, meet people, have the market idea, learn a lot & make the difference.

  1. Network with 150+ business icons of your hometown and connect with 200+ business owners of your city
  2. On-the-Job experience of doing something with all your passion. Awaken the entrepreneur in you.
  3. For somebody who is looking for a Job, who do you think matters the most? Not the one where he go the job but the one who got him the Job. With this internship, you get a chance to get fans for life
  4. Best performers of the internship will get recommendation certificate and a chance to work with us during summer. Now, this is important because our summer team has the brightest of minds from IIT’s and IIM’s
  5. Zigsaw credits worth Rs. 5000 that can be utilized for career counselling, job counselling, resume making and psychometric tests. These credits can also be used to pursue online courses on Entrepreneurship & Digital Marketing

While the strategy & executive to spear-head the revolution in your city will be yours, you will be appointed a SPOC who would help you in understanding challenges & coping with them. He/She would hand-hold you while you take this roller coaster that will change your life forever!! Extraordinary performers would also be given a chance to organize a Job Festival in their city

Here’s a rough roadmap of your internship.

Profile-1: Social Media Marketing

Achievement Incentive
  1. Curate 50 opportunities from your city& post
  2. Bring together 50 Job-seekers from the city
Internship Certificate
  1. An offline counselling session for Job-seekers
  2. Partner with a local restaurant for a #spreadthegoodcampaign
  3. Bring 150 Jobs to portal
  4. Bring 150 Jobseekers to portal
Become a Disinguished volunteer (Reflected in Internship Certificate)
  1. Fb Job group+ 5000 members
  2. Whatsapp group + 500 members
  3. 500 visitors from your city
Access to Zigsaw’s exclusive interview preparation material
  1. Meet 10 employers and get their feedback,
  2. Get 5 Job-seekers placed
  3. Pass the baton: Select & elect the next admin of the facebook group & the whatsapp group you created.
  1. Get bio on the website:
  2. Get a paid “work from home” internship from Zigsaw for the next 6 months.
  3. PPO to excellent performers of the internship

Profile-2: Client Relationship Executive

Achievement Incentive
  1. Successfully complete Orientation
  2. Meet 50 organizational Head/HR Managers in the city of your choice
  1. Get orientation to interact with organizations, founders & HR Managers professionally which will put you forward as a polished executive in your career.
  2. You will get a chance to interact & network with HR Managers and young entrepreneurs from your city.
  3. Conveyance will be covered
  4. Internship Certificate
  1. Meet 150 organizational Head/HR Managers in the city of your choice
  2. Partner with a local restaurant for a #spreadthegoodcampaign
  1. Become a Disinguished volunteer (Reflected in Internship Certificate)
  2. Access to Zigsaw’s exclusive interview preparation material
  1. Conduct an HR meet in your city
  2. Conceptualize, plan & invite corporates for the biggest Job Festival in your city
  1. A lumpsum stipend of 3500 Rs. + conveyance will be paid
  2. Get bio on the website:
  1. Bring Sponsers for conducting the Job Festival
  2. Successfully conduct Zigsaw Job Festival in your city
  1. A bonus stipend of 3000 Rs will be paid.
  2. Chance to be offered a Summer internship with Zigsaw (Otherwise exclusive to Students from Tier-1 & Tier-2 institutes)

Good performance will be rewarded with Letter of Recommendation and PPO’s in case of exceptional performace.

I have a dream. A dream to connect the 3 crore Job seekers to the 30 Lakh Jobs. I do not want to create a Billion Dollar Company, I want to create a Billion people company. I am here because I believe YOU can help me in my journey, to help me achieve the goal that appears impossible in hindsight. I am not saying it would be easy. I am here because I believe in YOU and I strongly believe that together we can achieve this.

5 years down the line, I would like to build a game for recruitment. Something very similar to Clash of Clans; the only difference being when you win here, either you get yourself a Job or get your friend placed. Imagine you have your own team; you have your superheroes and you have your mission of finding the right Job for the right guy. Here you collaborate with your friends to build a perfect team and achieve a collective goal. You have a real life challenge which when you solve would ease somebody’s life. I am here to ask if you could share my dream.

If you are ready for the internship, do ping me on whatsapp here:


Yours sincerely,

Vaibhav Chouhan 

CCO, Zigsaw

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