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Laravel, Codeigniter, WordPress, Magento, Shopify, Drupal, Joomla Jobs and PHP Jobs from Gujarat Laravel WhatsApp group: , Codeigniter WhatsApp group: , PHP Developer WhatsApp group: , Shopify WhatsApp group : , WordPress WhatsApp group : , Magento Jobs: Aakanksha Chittora 7568915416
Node JS Roles , Java , Go and Zoho,QA Automation & DevOps NodeJS WhatsApp group :, Java WhatsApp group: , Software Testing Jobs WhatsApp group: Kamakshi tiwari 9404638832
.net, React Native & Flutter roles React Native WhatsApp group: , Flutter WhatsApp group: , .net WhatsApp group: , Sharepoint WhatsApp group: Diksha Jhala 8529200416
Digital Marketing roles PAN India Digital Marketing Jobs: Pragya Garg 9050710950
Teachning roles + non-IT roles from Bengaluru Teaching Jobs: , Bengaluru Jobs: Asma 6281299812
All JS roles except NodeJS roles i.e. Angular, React, Vue, MEAN MERN etc AngularJS WhatsApp group: , ReactJS WhatsApp group: ReactJS WhatsApp group: , Vue JS WhatsApp group :, MEAN Developer WhatsApp Group: , MERN Developer WhatsApp group: Anisha Yadav 7355626567
Python, Cloud, Ruby/ROR, Data Engineer/Scientist roles Python WhatsApp group: , ROR WhatsApp group : , Azure WhatsApp group : , AWS WhatsApp group : , Data Science / Engineer / Analyst WhatsApp group : , Blockchain jobs by Zigsaw : Ankita Vijay 9667004717
SAP, Salesforce, IT Hardware, Networking, System Admnstrator and Unity Developer roles & Accounts Finance, Business Analyst, Product Manager and Project Manager role SalesForce WhatsApp group : https: u?s 989 Accounts Finance Jobs: https: LE8c4jquCglC6Z53skuBD5 Praveen Krishnamurthy 7987727623
Android, IOS and Content Writing, Copywriting related roles PAN India Android Developer WhatsApp group: ; iOS WhatsApp group: , Writing Jobs: Ujjwal Gupta 6387264923
Automobile Industry PAN India + non-IT roles from Chennai, Pune + Education industry roles Shivani Chaudhary 7078785842
Engineering roles and Factory based roles Engineering and Plant Jobs: Suruchi Barnwal 6200487173
PHP roles PAN India PHP Developer WhatsApp group: Falak Rizvi 9917943709
Non-IT roles in Ahmedabad Ahmedabad WhatsApp group: Anand Ram 8056943092
BFSI Sector roles BFSI Industry Jobs: Priyanka Bhadane 8275589102
Education Sector roles Bavadharini B 8344822927
non-IT roles from Mumbai Mumbai WhatsApp group: Rishabh Verma 6392767390
Accounts Finance roles from South India Accounts/Finance Jobs: Sana Khan 9098441883
.net roles from PAN India .net WhatsApp group: , Sharepoint WhatsApp group: Venkata Pallavi Kotapati 6305832741
non-IT roles from Delhi Delhi WhatsApp group: https: WhatsApp?location=278 Mansi Choudhary 7056900090
Retail Jobs and Jobs in Hyderabad Retail Jobs WhatsApp group: , Hyderabad WhatsApp group: , Mumbai WhatsApp group: Amisha Maknawat 9001594101
non-IT roles from Rajasthan, MP & Gujarat Gurugram WhatsApp group: Muskan Maru 8003341990
non-IT roles from North India (except Delhi NCR region) Riya Singh 9937463198
Accounts, Finance, CS and Legal related roles from North India Accounts/Finance Jobs: Muskan Abbasi 8824678453
non-IT roles from Bengaluru Bengaluru WhatsApp group: https: WhatsApp?location 428 Priyadarshani Naik 826098170
Community Beauty Kumari 7858820962
Pending Design related Jobs: Rohita Kamble 7066155523

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