8 Best Creative Jobs In India

Creativity is our brain’s way of breathing, learning and growing. Creativity, the term itself carries so many meanings for different people that it becomes hard to provide a generalized meaning. It is applicable to any sphere in numerous way and totally subjective to the one’s own boundaries and limitations.

Often times it is understood that creativity is reserved for the one who is idle, and thus cannot be possessed by someone who has a desk job to manage. This concept is utterly untrue. Every job, in its fundamental nature demands creativity. With the advent of software development and popular gadgets which are very much dependent of visual creative for their popularity in market, the above mentioned remains couldn’t be proven more wrong.

The software development, UX designing, product designing and digital marketing has created a room for creativity which goes beyond art and visual designing. Social media marketing, is also at play when it comes to creation of content appealing its visual as well as connotative sense. Job prospects in India right now, seems full of creative potential and seeks individuals capable of show casing the required level of creativity in various aspects of their professional lives.

Before delving into the material aspects of creativity, let us ask ourselves why is creativity so important? Why does every employee wants their creativity to be challenged? And why organizations seek creative people to work in different positions. For this we need to look into the benefits, other than material ones, that creative is able to bring to the table.

Benefits of Creativity in Professional Jobs

  1. Brings Innovative Solutions

One may encounter many problems in everyday work life but it isn’t a hurdle for a creative mind. Creativity goes beyond the conventional attitude and brings the best affordable solution.

  1. Makes the product and the brand associated with it stand out.

The arena of consumer market is filled with commodities that serve similar purposes. It then becomes important to distinguish your brand visually as well as in terms of service that they provide. Creativity serves its purpose greatly here

  1. Braces oneself for cooperation and team work

Working with a team full of creative people can enhance your problem solving abilities and a healthy environment of criticism and counter criticism can make employees cooperative while working and delivering the product.

List of Best Creative Jobs In India

Best Creative Jobs In India

1. UX Director

The task of any UX director is to oversee the user experience and related fields in an organization. Not only they have to work towards gathering brand loyalty and providing satisfaction to the customers, they have to evaluate the feedback and design satisfactory product for them. Creativity comes in handy when dealing with innovative methods to increase the customer satisfaction level. They have to oversee a team of creative people who are UX designers and hence, enhance and challenge their own creativity at every step.

2. Creative Director

The job of a creative director is eclectic and not restricted to one specific department. They have to oversee the work of all creative departments involved in the procedure from beginning to end. They can be from the background of marketing, content creation, etc.

3. Demand Generation Manager

Demand of the product which is being manufactured by the organization is a challenging task, asking for new and creative solutions. They have to design new campaign and ideas to generate demand for their product. Some of the tasks include demand generation through email marketing, social media marketing and digital ads to creative sales opportunities.

4. Marketing Director

Marketing directors are in-charge of marketing the product either through target specific ads or running media campaigns. Not only they have to contribute actively for the marketing ideas but also supervise the team of like-minded individuals working on marketing. Creativity here becomes essential to penetrate in the market and boost sales as well as customer base.

5. Media Director

The job of a media director involves creating media content and their implementation to boost up the sales. It can include social media marketing, email marketing and other forms of digital marketing. They have supervise a team of media content developers as well as brainstorm with the ideas to take the campaigns further and keep up with the trends in the social media arena.

6. PR Director

Public Relations director oversees the task of public relations i.e. the way the organization is perceived in the public eye. With the advent of social media and brand engagement with customers, potential and current, it has become important to manage the brand image by being active and vocal about organization policies as well as keeping up with the social media trends. PR Director needs to involve in the entire process of public engagement and oversee the image not being mollified in the public eye.

7. User Experience or UX Designer

With the advent of smart phones and similar gadgets, technology and design are inseparable domains. Every application needs good visuals to create user engagement. The job of UX designer is in great demand with organization seeking newcomers as well as experienced designers. It is job which requires creative, technical as well as problem solving skills which is absolutely suitable for a creative mind.

8. Brand or Product Manager

Brand or product managers oversee brand strategies involved from the beginning to end. They create and build and even transform strategies according to the need. They are involved in almost every department of the organization. Brand managers coordinate sales, pricing, product supply and product development to meet strategic objectives. Strong writing skills, relationship management and storytelling abilities are key to the job.


The list might go on and on; however, it is upon us to realize that creativity is not limited to one specific professional sphere. It can be found and implemented in any professional you chose, the nature and extent of creative freedom might defer, and you need to pick a career based on what you demand or understand by the term, creativity.

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