“Why Did You Choose This Career?” Samples Answers

One of the most important aspects of our lives is the career that we choose to embark upon. It can be the same as that of most of our peers, our friends, people we may know, or it can be something unique, something out of the blue, something never of heard before. The point is that it is our life, and we must have the freedom and the passion for following the career of our choice. People must be allowed to give their valuable inputs when deciding this crucial matter. Still, no one should deter us from following our passion just because the neighbouring Sharma uncle’s son is doing something diabolically different from what we have planned to do!

The profession that we choose for ourselves, should not be based on whims and fantasies; it must be well planned out. We must have a clear head regarding our future and the conviction that the chosen path will be the most fruitful for us. Apart from the interest and the passion required, we must also look into the scope of the career, its impact on various aspects of our lives, before making a full-blown career out of it.

There are many career options, and similarly, millions of people. Many people mean as many opinions on the career we want to pursue, so just hear everyone out, but do only what the heart desires! So, here is the list of some of the most popular career choices in India, which all lead to the same question at one point or the other- why did you choose this career? One of the most common questions that are asked in the interviews. A justifiable and an honest answer must be given that makes you look interested in the job profile and like a person who knows what she/he is doing. Let’s look into some of these and try to answer this question as efficiently as possible that will also help in the interviews for sure!

  • Chartered Accountant, commonly known as CA
  • Engineer (of any kind)
  • Doctors
  • IPS/IAS officers
  • Lawyers
  • MBA
  • Army personnel
  • Journalism

Well, there are no limits to what you can achieve, but here we have chosen the popular few and will see how we can answer the dreaded question for some of them!

“Why did You Choose This Career?” Samples Answers

Common Job Interview Questions and Answers

The Medical Profession

Being in the medical profession is a fact of great honour. The ability to help others when they are at their most vulnerable is a fascinating job, and prioritizing someone’s health above all, is the noblest thing to do. The adrenaline rush, which requires critical thinking and using the brain at its feet, is one of the most fulfilling reasons.

Let’s check out some answers to the question why choose the medical profession as a career option?

Sample answer 1: I decided that I wanted to pursue a career in medicine at the age of fourteen. The ability to help others has always fascinated me. I decided to make a career in medicine after my younger sister was diagnosed with kidney disease. I spent many days taking care of her, helping my parents, and making sure that she had the utmost comfort while going through such a tough phase at such a young age ever since I wanted to pursue medicine to help others in need and to treat people of their illness.

Sample answer 2: I decided to choose a career in medicine at a very young age. I come from a humble background. Back at my village, many advancements in the medical field had not penetrated. When I was quite small, a close relative was diagnosed with cancer, and due to lack of facilities, he faced troubles getting treatment. So, a special interest developed in the study of cancer, and I decided to pursue medicine so that I can make a difference to the lives of the rural people, who won’t have to wander due to lack of medical staff again.

Chartered Accountant

One of the toughest courses to crack in India, a career as a chartered accountant, is quite rewarding. India is a land of millions of business, and each business needs someone to look after the financial aspects of their firm, there comes a CA to your rescue!

Let’s check out some answers to the question why choose CA as a career option?

Sample 1: I wanted to become a CA because I have an interest in accounting. CA is an excellent professional course that will help me polish my skills and make a career in the field, which excites me the most. I want to enhance my understanding of how businesses work and regarding industry standards. Pursuing CA is full of challenges, and I love challenges, and it also aligns with my long-term goals, so I chose to become a CA.


Engineering offers opportunities in a wide variety of fields. From problem detection to solving problems, everything comes under the scope of what an engineer can do. The fascination in understanding how things work has made engineering a very creative career option.

Let’s check out some answers to the question why choose engineering as a career option?

Sample answer 1 (IT Engineer): The job of an engineer is to find out the best solution for an already existing problem, constrained by technical, financial, and political constraints. For me, I have always been fascinated with various computer technologies and wanted to gather more knowledge regarding this field. Studying IT engineering will allow me to work in the area that interests me the most and will also help me in aiding the technical issues faced by the community around me.

Sample answer 2 (Engineer): I have always been fascinated by the way things work. Since childhood, I loved taking apart machines and circuits and look around without disrupting anything. I have always wanted to make a difference, and the only way I can is by understanding technology and building technology.

IPS/IAS Officers

Indian civil services is a position of honour, respect, dignity, and power. They are the people who are in direct contact with one of the most powerful government authorities in India, thereby serving the nation with pride.

Let’s check out some answers to the question why choose civil services as a career option?

Sample answer 1: I have always wanted to serve my nation and be in the key position in the government. The position of an IAS officer is the best in India. India, as we know, is a continuously developing country that has various welfare-oriented practices at the place. As the job of an IAS officer entails the formulation and implementation of national policies, so it will give me multiple opportunities to recognize and solve problems and bring innovative solutions to life, thereby helping me to serve the people of the nation.


The ability to help someone get justice, to solve their legal problems is a fascinating reason to pursue law. Racking brains continuously, to find that one loophole, twisting words to succeed in getting what one wants is a great motivator. Lawyers often exude the persona of their invincibility with the amount of knowledge they possess, making it a challenging yet great career option.

Let’s check out some answers to the question why choose law as a career option?

Sample answer 1: I have a natural inclination to stand against the injustice and for the rights of the people from an early age. I have pursued an education in law for 4 years, which has helped me develop a keen interest in the field of corporate law. Being an articulate and assertive spokesperson, I believe that I have the required skills, keenness, and aptitude that will help me carve a career for myself in law.

Sample answer 2: For me, the law is just not a career option, but it is the means through which I can serve my nation and people. It is not only about the rules and the regulations, but it is also about justice, equality, and rights. I want to make a career as a lawyer because I believe that law is the fundamental of life and liberty. Being a lawyer is financially rewarding, full of challenges, and personally fulfilling. Also, it will provide me with the courage to raise my voice against injustice and fight for everyone’s rights.

Army Personnel

Undying love for the country, not everyone can have a great heart to serve in the army. Serving in the army is the matter of the ultimate pride. Protecting the country from the enemies, being on guard 24*7, not being bothered to sacrifice oneself to protect mother earth, it requires an enormous amount of will power and determination.

Let’s check out some answers to the question why choose the army as a career option?

Sample answer 1: Being an Indian officer will allow me to serve the nation with pride. Donating my entire life for the protection of the country has always fascinated me. An army man’s life is full of adventure, surviving at impossible circumstances, with just the aim to protect until I succeed, has what urged me to join the army.  


MBA is still valued as one of the most prestigious degrees to earn. Developing a sense of business, applying it to real-world scenarios, is just fascinating.  The rigour, the pressure, the fascination, not everyone is up for it. It is correctly said that an MBA is an experience of a lifetime.

Let’s check out some answers to the question why choose MBA as a career option?

Sample answer 1:  I always have to be an entrepreneur. Though I agree, the degree of MBA is not an important prerequisite for it, but an MBA will serve as a great starting point for understanding business. It will also help me form connections and networks. The most important aspect of an MBA is peer-to-peer learning, which is invaluable. Apart from all these, the internships, live projects, case studies will help me gain valuable insights regarding various industries.


A career in journalism allows you to interact with different kinds of people regularly. It allows exploring new things, builds a great network, and works in an ever-changing environment.

Let’s check out some answers to the question why choose journalism as a career option?

Sample answer 1: I have been an extremely curious person with the urge to know whatever is going around me. If I see any current issue, I make it my mission to go to the depth of it by researching, asking people involved in it. I also have a wide range of interests, from sports to politics to entertainment. So, what else than journalism can fit my interests? So I would like to pursue a career in journalism that can go with my passion.

Well, these are some of the answers that you can give, when all your relatives poke at you for why are pursuing the career of your interest or an interviewer asks you regarding the same. Just do whatever your heart desires, give your 100 percent, and you will shine for sure. Continue working with the same zeal, and whatever career you choose will have a fruitful future.

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