10 Best Payroll Software in India 2020

The payroll system is one of the complex processes because of various calculations & statutory compliance requirements. No matter whether you have a small business or big enterprise, to keep your staff happy with the streamlined payroll process must be your top priority.

Free payroll software options will calculate the amounts of a paycheck and helps to track the deductions like insurance, workers’ compensation, and taxes. Few software options provide features like the direct deposit but some lack in tax filing & state compliance. They are the good starter options in case you have some employees; you may always upgrade to the paid alternative when your business grows.

Paid payroll software options are highlighted so that there are not any surprises. When you test the free payroll tool and wish to upgrade it, we have outlined the pricing for you here. Whereas some of the products provide free solutions for small businesses, so you must know that when your company grows, it is important to have access to the product’s full payroll software services.

Let us check out the list of some paid and free payroll software in India below. If you want to see some more products and evaluate extra feature options, you can compare all the Payroll Software just to make sure you find the best product.

10 Best Payroll Software in India

Best Payroll Software in India

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1. SumHR

sumHR payroll software is the cloud-based HR management software in India. This software allows SMEs and startups to streamline their daily HR & payroll processes. It offers users with connectivity as well as access to the most valuable info from anywhere across the world. The users can automate their current excel-based process of managing the employee payroll & undertaking the needed activities. sumHR software allows the users to monitor your employee’s attendance and track the leaves with the biometrics integrations.


  • Safe & free communication
  • Easily communicate with different departments, locations, or teams.
  • Create interest and workgroups to collaborate
  • Share updates via images, links, and news.
  • Tag messages.


sumHR software offers users with just one plan that costs around 49 INR monthly and allows just one user.

2. greytHR

greytHR is the best HR management payroll software for Indian companies. It’s the most reliable HRM payroll software for HR teams. This software automates many daily tasks, which are repetitive and tedious. For example, daily attendance; this system integrates with the biometric & other attendance devices to record their presence.

greytHR provides management of the payroll for an entire workforce. This software generates salaries regarding their attendance. This HR & payroll management software complies strictly with all guidelines related to payroll management. This software is designed to perform any complex tasks for the improvement of the workflow.


  • Employee Communication and Onboarding
  • Employee Document Management
  • HR Forms & Dashboard
  • Configure the salary structure
  • Payroll Processing
  • Comprehensive Post-Payroll procedure
  • Automated Payroll inputs & payslips
  • Leave Management
  • Generate Payroll Reports
  • Employee Self Service or ESS Portal
  • Mobile App for the Employees
  • Attendance Management


greytHR is accessible in four plans; it includes:

  • Cruiser – Rs. 4995/- monthly per user
  • Super – Rs. 2495/- monthly per user
  • Welter – Rs. 1495/- monthly per user
  • Bantam – Rs. 995/- monthly per user

3. HRM Thread

Each business enterprise wants to have a simple accessibility to its employees’ database & payroll. HRM THREAD is the best payroll software and favorite of over 5000 clients as it makes the difficult task appear simple. Employee self-service features allow an employee to keep proper track of their HR-related tasks in his organization. It is the best software services as far as performance management is been concerned, the software also caters to the training and recruitment of the employees.


  • Bonus, Loan and Advances Management
  • Attendance management
  • Email Integration
  • Document Management
  • Exit Management and Separation Management
  • Employee Self Service Management
  • Expense Tracking
  • Expense Management
  • Mobile Support
  • HR & Payroll
  • Payroll Management
  • Multi-User login and Roll based access
  • Recruitment Management
  • Reimbursement Management
  • Performance Management


You can get a demo of HR Thread payroll software for free.

4. Keka HR

Unlike the traditional payroll management software, Keka HR system is the modern payroll management software that focuses more on enhancing its user experience & streamlining multifaceted services.


  • Enables access from any device
  • Manage tasks & scheduling remotely


You can try out their plans free before making your purchase. The foundation plan comes at Rs 4999 monthly for 100 employees.

5. Beehive

Beehive is the best payroll management system that helps the HR professionals to manage their whole HR lifecycle of the company.


  • Provides robust, accurate and compliance leave management service
  • Helps from recruitment, resignation, and retirement
  • Time management & scheduling tools
  • Assists in the management of the approvals


Beehive payroll software comes free with the online trial for the right decision making.

6. Pocket HRMS

Pocket HRMS isn’t just the payroll software, but the next level HRMS system that has a lot to offer. This software comes with an intuitive interface that is well equipped with many amazing features to manage the company’s payroll system. Besides, this offers formula-based learning & deductions all along with amazing features like user-defined reports, intelligent time tracking, and real-time analytics.


  • Human Resource Management
  • HR Process Automation
  • Wearable Technology Integration
  • Employee Self-Service
  • Attendance Management
  • HR Chatbot
  • Mobile Payroll App
  • Leave Management
  • Tax Compliance
  • eTDS Form 24Q
  • Intelligent Reporting
  • Updates and Reminders


Pocket HRMS has two plans:

  • Standard Plan includes features such as payroll processing & statutory compliances at 1495 INR of 50 employees monthly.
  • Professional Plan comes with features like Statutory Compliances, Payroll processing, Employee self-service, Mobile Apps, and Attendance management and priced at INR 2495 of 50 employees monthly.

7. Zoho Payroll

Zoho is the payroll management software online that streamlines each aspect of the payroll administrations. Right from centralizing to organizing employees’ records to information and scheduling payrolls, and handling statutory compliance everything.


  • Automatically do calculations and pay schedules
  • Different ways to schedule the payroll
  • Zoho allows businesses to centralize & store employee’s records safely.


Zoho offers a free trial and after its free trial, you may enjoy its features at only Rs 50 monthly per employee.

8. HR Mantra

HR Mantra is the best payroll software in India and has offices in Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore. The payroll feature of HR Mantra is easy to use as well as covers different features of processing the payroll. They get down this process to some steps instead of a week-long procedure. Employers may set their salary slabs as well as policies department team-wise. One can define the IT exemption limits and is completely customizable and handle complicated pay calculations too.


  • Applicant Tracking
  • 360 Degree Feedback
  • Compensation Management
  • Benefits Management
  • Employee Profiles
  • Employee Database
  • Payroll Management
  • Onboarding
  • Performance Management
  • Onboarding
  • Self Service Portal
  • Recruitment Management


HRMantra offers custom pricing for the software.

9. Saral PayPack

Saral PayPack is an online payroll solution that offers a one-stop solution for all your business payroll requirements. This software helps in the automation of many processes that come in the blanket of HR & salary management.


  • Multi-level security
  • Multi-tiered access architecture
  • Convenient to use


Saral PayPack offers the online demo for on-premise and on-cloud versions. Their on-cloud version starts at Rs 825 monthly.

10. Qandle

Last but not the least, Qandle manages the accurate payroll, compliances, and employee benefits within seconds. It’s user-friendly and comes with many useful features that improve operational efficiency.


  • Automated check-ins
  • Automated reminders
  • Leave approval
  • On-field employees may submit the reimbursement bills on their phone
  • Odometer produces automated reimbursement requests.


Qandle HRMS price begins at 2450 INR for 50 users monthly.


Here we have outlined the list of 10 best payroll software’s in India from the different vendors. All the free and paid options are given so that you may know if the products are accessible as the temporary trials or free licenses.

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