10 Best Free Resume Making Websites

The resume is one of the most important documents in a job-seeking individual’s life. A piece of paper that encompasses your entire life’s achievements, experiences and skills. The paper has the power to get you your dream job. The document that serves as the ticket for your corporate journey! A resume is the means to create that stellar first impression on the recruiter’s mind so that you get a call for the further rounds. So, creating an impressionable resume should be the first thing on every individual’s list, the moment you plan to take the leap and start your corporate journey.

Creating a perfect resume involves many small intricacies. Choosing the right template, the correct wordings, the right font, details of all the skills and achievements and many more. So, this is a work that requires patience and skill. You can use the age-old method of creating your CV using MS Word, but it takes up a lot of time and effort and not to forget skills! But who today has so much time to keep slogging hours to create the perfect resume?

Lucky for you, in today’s world, many online resume building sites can help you create your resume for free! Just like an application on your phone, an online resume builder is a site that creates a beautiful CV for you, just by asking for your details that needs to be incorporated in your resume. You need to select the layout of your choice, a photograph, your details, and that’s it! In short, you just got to relax and let the computer do it’s magic!

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There are many online resume builders. Some help you prepare your resume for free, while some charges for this facility. But almost all the websites ask you to create an account on their site if you want to create an online resume. Below is the curated list that helps you build your resume from scratch and download minimum one such resume formats for free.

10 Best Free Resume Making Websites

1. Zety

Zety online resume maker is one of the most popular websites for creating your resume. It provides a variety of options for templates to choose from. It also provides suggestions on how to improve the content through its resume check feature. Not only this, but it also provides resume writing tips along with the option to edit the resume as per your choice. The additional feature of cover letter creator in the same template as the resume is a bonus!

2. Resume.com

Resume.com is the website that offers all of its features for resume building absolutely for free. No limit on how many templates available, how many free resumes can be created, it is one of the easiest resume creating website. A curated list of templates, pre-defined content that is created by talking to several employers, resume.com provides it with all. So, many features and that too completely free, resume.com is a must check out the website for all your resume related dreams.

3. Resumonk

A pretty good online resume builder, which gives you the liberty to create and download up to 4 different resumes for free, beyond which you will need to buy the premium version. Some basic templates available, though cover letter can only be created after updating to the premium version. One fallback of creating a resume with resumonk is that the line “created using resumonk” comes at the bottom, which can only be removed in the premium version. So, a decent website, worth a try.

4. Kickresume

Kickresume offers only one template for the resume in its free version. Editable sections, with the options to add or delete a certain section, gives it a no-nonsense kind of vibe and is suitable for creating your first professional resume. You need to create an account for creating the resume, and once you are done with it, you are good to go!

5. CakeResume

It provides a few basic templates in the free version, where like most of the online resume builders, you need to create an account to start using its features. An extremely user-friendly interface, where the entire process of resume creation is broken into easy steps, fully customizable sections and the ability to download the first resume in the pdf format, CakeResume makes your job easy for you.

6. ResumeHelp

A hub which provides you with the option to either create a resume from scratch or to choose from multiple layouts that are present in its bank. It also provides various tips and tricks that can help create your resume, which also improves the chances of creating that positive first impression on the employer. Almost all the resume templates are available in the free version but just one drawback is that only one resume version can be downloaded in the pdf format.

7. EnhanCV

One of the best online resume builders that provide many templates for free, templates according to various industries, fully customizable sections, only you need to create an account with them first. Content analyzer helps to edit the content as per choice, great feedbacks from various press houses. For your professional-looking CV options, this is your go-to option.

8. NoVoResume

It is also like most of the other online resume builder websites, where few layouts are available in the free version. Free resume and cover letter samples are provided. Live feedback is also provided, which helps to improve the content greatly. The free version has the limitation of creating only a one-page resume, which is a good feature as condensed resumes are preferred these days.

9. ResumeGenius

A pretty standard resume builder where only 2-3 templates are available in the free version. Only one download can be done, but customizable sections, section-wise preview, resume critique from an expert, numerous examples to look from, ResumeGenius has all the basic features of a standard online resume builder.

10. VisualCV

Few options to choose a template from in the free version, editable sections, with the option to add or delete some are provided by VisualCV. The download format available is the only pdf, but a basic professional resume can be churned out in very less time. This website also provides the track option, where you can track when your resume is viewed with the VisualCV analytics.

An online resume builder is a very easy way to create a new resume with an attractive layout that looks very professional in minutes. An impressive resume that is a must for getting a job, check off the list when created from the online websites. Beautiful, impressive, content-heavy resume made within minutes! So you can relax and enjoy the pretty templates that suit your need.

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