How can HR network with other HR?

 Corporate and networking go hand in hand. One cannot go without the other. The more one networks, the bigger is that person’s corporate circle is. And you know who is called the people’s person in the corporate world? Oh, Yes! You guessed it correctly. It is the HR! The person who works acts as the bridge between you and management, the person who is always there to listen to your woes, the person who takes care of any employee-related issue, that person is at the apostle of networking and must use their skills to network with other HRs of different companies too.

What is the importance of networking for HRs?

Getting involved in networking with other HRs is a great way to keep up with recent trends, new opportunities, share and learn best practices with your fellow HR members. Networking into your HR fraternity can help tap into some specialized skill set, gather market data, plan for new strategic alliances for the organization and also help to pursue new business leads. HR networking is an important weapon under the skill set of HRs, and its importance can be measured by the following factors:

  • Network with people who will help you to fulfil your purpose, whatever the purpose may be, which is a long-term strategy in the sense that they become your allies for a longer period and can help you later too
  • Evolving with times is the need of the hour, so making strong connections digitally is equally important as making connections in person
  • It helps in the scouting of potential clients as well as employees for the organization who can be hired as soon as an opportunity turns up
  • It also helps in maximizing the firm’s potential
  • A good network helps in building the firm’s reputation and also gather advocates for the organization’s credibility  

What are some of the ways HRs can use to network?

Branching out to people is always a good idea, which is the basis of networking every

HR must follow. Some of the ways HR can use to network with each other are:

  • Participate in #Twitter chats

Twitter has become a top-rated tool where all HR professionals from around the world gather and share their experiences and thoughts. This widespread practice has also given rise to Twitter chats and hashtags like #HRhour. This includes some questions based on new topics each week, and people can use their platform to share insights and gain knowledge. Joining these groups and participating so that people notice you are a great way of increasing the network.

  • Become a part of various LinkedIn groups

As everyone knows, LinkedIn is the largest networking website in today’s world. Millions of people use LinkedIn every day to expand their contact list and use it to get to know more people. Similarly, HRs can also become part of various HYR groups that are there on LinkedIn and can use it to interact and understand other people of their fraternity. Here, people can chat one-on-one, communicate in groups, share their ideas, have healthy debates and can keep up-to-date with new happenings in the HR world.

  • Visiting various HR Conferences

What better way than meeting fellow HR professionals in a conference which is organized just for HR people? It is like an ocean that needs to be explored to satisfy the hunger of networking with fellow mates. There are many specially organized conferences, especially for this purpose. For an extroverted HR, this is the kind of place that he/she will love and will love to exercise the opportunity of meeting so many new people all under one roof! Not only for mingling, but these conferences are also generally organized to make all the top-level HRs aware of the recent developments in the HR universe and how they can be exploited to bring accolades to their firms. Some of the well-known conferences that are organized every year are HR Summit and Expo, Dubai, FAHR conference, Dubai, ATD Conference and Exhibition, Dubai and many more.

  • Become part of other HR dedicated events

There are many small events organized for a smaller group of HR people where networking can be a bit easier. Events like workshops that are focused on a specific topic lasting only for a few hours may help provide a cosy environment for striking up conversations and socializing with your fellow mates. The perfect location to build up your network where some part of the day is used up for the event and the other half for forming new connections.

  • Networking through professional courses

There are many courses that HR needs to equip themselves with to face the daily changes. So, while doing the study, healthy discussions, group tasks, query resolving are great ways of forming bonds and getting to know fellow HR individuals. Bonds generally formed outside the corporate structure tend to have a familial touch to it and thus tend to last longer. So, a great place to start the networking game.

Networking is the bread and butter of corporate life. Acing this skill will help you go a long way and will help in making your corporate journey a smooth ride. Everyone must hone this skill. HRs must take this very seriously as some future decisions of the firm might also rely on this networking skill. So, what other ways can you think of that HRs can use to broaden their network?

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