IT Recruitment – Top 10 Ways to Recruit IT Talents

The Information Technology (IT) sector is that sector comprising companies that produce software, hardware or semiconductor equipment, or companies that provide internet or related services. It is an industry consisting of two major components: IT Services and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO).

In the current tough world of pandemic COVID-19 where the job market is drowning each day and emerging up with a new scenario of another epidemic of unemployment, people can see only a ray of hope only with an industry that is INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY (IT). Whether it is to remove boredom in lockdown or highly inculcating the concept of “Work From Home” the only industry working actively during this worldwide battle is the IT Industry.

As the show always goes on with the IT Sector, therefore to play the crucial characters of the show various artists are required and auditioned frequently. This frequent audition for the must going show of IT Sector is known as IT Recruitments which and these precious artists are called IT Talents.

Hence to cater these gems i.e., the IT Talents, recruitment teams of the organization always have to strive hard in order to fit these gems to the right ornament. Below mentioned are the widely accepted and top ten methods to recruit IT Talents.

What is Recruiting IT Talents?

IT Recruitment is recruiting ideally for Software Companies and for other IT relevant components . It generally includes different types of IT requirements i.e. requirements related to different IT skills or technologies such as: Java, .Net, Oracle, SAP, Embedded, Linux, React Native, Angular etc.

Top 10 Ways to Recruit IT Talents


Apart from the other streaming social media platform, the most popular and only platform to socialize for the professionals to share their work experience and achievements with the world is Linkedin. Hence more room to socialize and showcase the talent and experience, Linkedin has now become first and foremost for any IT Recruiter to search for the talent as per the organizational need. Generally there are three measures to look for talents on Linkedin is through:

Personal Post: With the use of popular hashtags through a post on their wall or feed of personal account with mentioning of proper contact details, recruiters cater and invite many talents to come up with their application for the job.

Through Searching People & Connections: People or the prospective candidates can now be easily searched on Linkedin through some appropriate filters and keywords. Linkedin enables their search in such effective manner where by filling up the perfect criteria gives the pool of talents to look for by in just few steps:

Entering Keywords and filter:

Generating Results:

Connecting or Messaging them regarding opportunity:

Through Job Post: In order to go for a paid job post on Linkedin an official company page is required which allows the recruiter for a recruiter login where the official and job posts can be done by entering job overview, company overview, job description, requirements, key skills etc.

You can broaden the candidate search by using options as below

The mosted trusted job portal in India for both IT & Non IT Recruitment in India is as almost 80% white, gold, pink, popped collar employees can be easily found there. is not as similar to Linkedin as it is not a platform to socialize but talents here can be found through the same two common measures but it also provides the option of mass mailing too.

Through Searching People: Same as Linkedin people or the prospective candidates are easily found on here through some appropriate filters and keywords. An effective search form enables search by filling up the perfect criteria gives the pool of talents to look for by in just few steps:

Through Job Post: In order to go for a paid job post on Naukri an active and paid company account is required which allows the recruiter for a recruiter login where the official and job posts can be done by entering job overview, company overview, job description, requirements, key skills etc.

Mass Mailing: The special feature which Naukri Portal provides is that Mass Mailing. It is not necessary that all the job seeker on the portal has to be active 24*7 which might create possibilities that job seekers miss the relevant opportunity. Hence Naukri portal provides an additional feature of mass mailing where the best fit candidates can be personally mailed to notify them of the relevant job opportunity.


Indeed is yet another globally acclaimed and acknowledged job portal for all the white, gold, pink, popped collar employees. Similar to Linkedin and Naukri Portal it requires an active company account which allows the recruiter for a job posts by entering job overview, company overview, job description, requirements, key skills etc to attract and invite applications towards the vacancy.


Internshaala is a specialized and acknowledged job portal only for those who are looking for internships after completion or in between their academics. Internship is not only helpful for the candidate towards their bright future but also a great medium to hire fresh blood in the organization in pocket friendly budget through decent stipend. Companies often look for freshers or interns for their highly active projects which leads them towards internshala. Similar to Indeed it requires an active company account which allows the recruiter for a job posts by entering job overview, company overview, job description, requirements, key skills etc to attract and invite applications towards the vacancy.


Upwork, formerly Elance-oDesk, is a global freelancing platform where businesses or individuals connect to conduct business. with 14 million users in 180 countries Upwork allows clients to interview, hire and work with freelancers and agencies through the company’s platform. The platform includes a real-time chat aimed towards reducing the time it takes to seek out, vet and hire freelancers. The platform offers a timesheet application that allows freelancers to track their actual time spent working on projects with verified screenshots.

Placement Agencies

Placement Agencies are the biggest help to any recruiter or HR professional because multiple vacancies and activities go around at same time with the HR Department of any organization. Tying up with the renowned placement agencies like Zigsaw Consultancy not only source the best matched candidates but also conduct preliminary background check, company’s brand promotion and saves a huge amount of time.

Social Media (Facebook & WhatsApp)

One of the biggest trends in recruiting over the past few years has been the use of social media to attract and convert talent. This practice even got its own buzzword – “Social Recruiting”. In simple words, social recruiting is using social media channels for recruiting. The term refers to different ways of using social media networks (such as Facebook, WhatsApp etc.) to find, attract and hire talent. Social Recruiting has now become an important part of recruitment marketing. Apart from this it has several benefits like reaching passive candidates, getting more referrals, establishing a more personal connection with potential candidates, and saving money.

Sharing Jobs on WhatsApp

Posting Jobs on Facebook

Campus Placements

Campus placement or campus recruiting is a program conducted within universities or other educational institutions to offer jobs to students nearing completion of their studies in collaboration with corporates. In this type of program, the educational institutions partner with corporations who wish to recruit from the student population which involves finding, engaging and hiring interns and entry-level employees on college campuses. In actuality it is a strategy for sourcing, engaging and hiring young talent for internship and entry-level positions. College recruiting is a tactic for medium- to large-sized companies with high-volume recruiting needs, but can range from small efforts (like working with university career centers to source potential candidates) to large-scale operations (like visiting a wide array of graduating schools and attending recruiting events throughout the spring and fall semester). Campus recruitment often involves working with university career services centers and attending career fairs to interact with college students and new graduates.

Employee Referral

Employee referral has become one of the best and effective methods for finding talent. Employee referral programs are the finest measure for improving the hiring metrics such as time and cost per hire, quality of hire and employee retention. Since a new joiner already found a familiar face within the organization, it gives them a different satisfaction and motivation which helps in improvement of performance and employee finds a cordial and friendly work atmosphere.  Employee referral is basically an internal method for finding job candidates. It is a structured program that companies and organizations use to seek out talented people by asking their existing employees to recommend candidates from their existing networks. In return, companies offer their employees various types of employee referral rewards.

Website Career Page

Nowadays neither company survives without their website. However it won’t be wrong in saying that they do not even enter the market without their personalized and official website. A website comprises the multiple bifurcation to advertise itself with lucrative images, their services, products, work culture, top management etc. But they have a bifurcation attracting potential employees on their current job vacancies. Through the application on websites, companies do not need to bear any additional cost or even don’t have to create multiple accounts on the various portals. Active job seekers easily find the post on a website and apply directly which not helps in brand promotion also enhances the pool of resources towards finding the right candidate.


To conclude, it can be said that resources are many and so do recruiting sources. The agile and vibrant approach and in-depth knowledge of recruitment and job portals along with good social skills within and outside the organization always makes recruitment fun, enjoyable and an easy going task.

Here are 2 videos that will give you a hands-on experience about Sourcing IT Talent at Zigsaw

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