10 Best Answers for “Why Should You Be Hired for This Internship?”

Are you preparing for an interview the first time? Ensure you prepare it beforehand. Revise all interview questions & answers immediately. Being a fresher, one common question that you may face is ‘Why you should be hired for the internship?’ No need to worry as we have compiled the list of possible answers to this question! Continue reading and prepare nicely with the best answers to this important question. Each interview question generally is an attempt of gathering details to inform the hiring decision.  Most of the interviewers can specifically ask you make your own case with these questions:

Answers for “Why Should You Be Hired for This Internship?”

Answer 1

At present, I will finish my final year semester at college. In course of some years during the graduation or post graduation, we are taught plenty of new things. However, practical knowledge can help me to understand know how much I have learned. Joining your internship program can gauge where I actually stand. There is no better opportunity than can come on my way. I will showcase my real talent and show my ability here, whereas in turn, I will learn how the industry functions. This is why you can hire me for the internship.

Answer 2

Although I am the recent university graduate, but my coursework coincide with the current position. Besides that, I have got job experience that is relevant during my earlier internship and in volunteer gig I have worked, and both of this is mentioned in my CV. Finally, I’m crossing my fingers to be the part of this wonderful opportunity, because there will not be any place I would rather work!

Answer 3

Being a fresher, I’m still learning. However, it is a big benefit for me that I am a quick learner. I love to learn or unlearn at a same time. Unlearning in the sense to let go of any outdated practices or ideas and to move to advanced methods. I have raw and fresh ideas that I want to discuss with your management here in case I go through and I’m very sure they are going to like some of them. Thus, hiring me will be the beneficial arrangement for me and the company. I do not see any reason why I must not be hired for the internship.

Answer 4

“Thank you so much for asking the question! I think that I am a best fit for this internship as I am the quick learner as well as passionate about pursuing the career in this particular field. I have started my groundwork – and I have done complete research about the company, visions, and goals, so I am very much sure I will deliver everything you’re looking for in the candidate.”

Answer 5

To be very honest, joining this honored organization can help me to learn a lot. And I love to seek guidance of the experienced and the learned teams, which are onboard already. In that way, I will be able to become the better professional in future. Yours is the most renowned brand and to become the part of this vast enterprise can strengthen my base. This is what matters in an end, the strong foundation. I truly feel your company will undoubtedly help me to build one. And in turn, I will assure you complete dedication from my end and everything I can do on my level for betterment of the organization.

Answer 6

“I think I’m the right fit for the internship program as I am the best multi-tasker. During my initial years in my college or university, I would not just spend time in the academics, but also made a point to learn new things outside my stipulated syllabus, when you look over my Resume. As I had to put in many things in my plate to satisfy my urge for knowledge and learning, I’ve learned the skill of time management. So, I can say very confidently, that doesn’t matter what task I am handed over, I will deliver it in time without even compromising on quality of the work.”

Answer 7

I have decent grasping power and patient learner. I will learn things fast and will be highly productive at a same time. I also can be of good help while it comes about showing and ideating creativity. In addition to, my graduation had the paper wherein we need to do the project work about your industry. Thus, whatever I have learned during the industrial visits or previous internships are in sync with your job role. I do not have to begin from the scratch since I have the basic knowledge in the field already. Thus, at an end of a day, you may want to select me as the finalists for this internship.

Answer 8

‘Being a fresher, I’m still in the phase of learning and thus need this wonderful opportunity to know and show more about the industry. Although I am totally new, but I am a quick learner with the penchant to learn & unlearn. It is to learn latest relevant skills, corporate etiquette and business best practices, whereas letting go of any obsolete beliefs, procedures and skills.

Answer 9

I bring some fresh ideas & hope with me to discuss this same thing with my seniors over here. I am pretty confident they can find most of them to be innovative and useful. I have all qualifications and skills that are listed for this job description, and in case I am hired, I assure to deliver the best quality and timely work throughout my tenure of this internship.

Answer 10

I have held these positions of the ‘campus ambassador’ & ‘placement coordinator’ at my college days. Thus, I have the decent experience in picking the best talent for the specific task. Select the best person for any particular task is job half done. As I have knack for identifying the right talent for any task, I think I fulfill basic requirement for the internship or job role. In addition to, I am pursuing my PGDBA in HR management. Thus, I am the perfect candidate for this role.

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